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The best IPP platforms for employee benefits

In essence, the Social and Economic Committee, often downplayed by the old acronym ‘CE’ but officially CSE, is associated with a company with at least eleven employees and is in the common interest of the company and its associates. Among hygiene instructions, work methods, and safety improvement, the committee can intervene in many things that regulate business life and its sustainability.

However, CSE plays other roles and becomes an assistant to the company’s employees. It is quite logical that a committee is often praised by staff for the benefits it can bring depending on the quality of the committee and the elements put in place, especially to improve well-being in the workplace but also beyond.

With the full development of the concept of quality of life at work, as well as the increasing difficulty of accessing culture or entertainment, many TPVs provide benefits to workers outside the workplace.

Platforms such as Employee Club support TPVs and enable them to implement decisions for their employees. How to identify a platform so that IPP can improve employee benefits and make them happy employees of the company in question?

Why negotiate benefits for IPP employees through the platform?

The establishment of a socio-economic committee becomes mandatory for a company with at least 11 employees in twelve consecutive months. At this stage, entities considered as small and medium-sized enterprises do not always have the largest budget, and collaborators focus only on the committee’s board of directors. This is sometimes the case in much larger companies, but despite the number of employees, such data always highlights the need for assistance in negotiating the best employee benefits.

By accessing a specialized platform, TPV ensures that its employees enjoy the best, especially in non-professional activities. It is impossible to negotiate preferential tariffs and access, as well as a platform that will usually offer a more comprehensive menu of activities and benefits through many and country-wide partnerships.

Today, only a platform can really offer many of the substantial benefits that have been agreed with many entities specializing in entertainment, sports or culture. Regardless of its size, TPV is clearly approaching the platform to reap the many agreed benefits that are constantly updated and always dedicated to the quality of life of its employees.

More specifically, TPV will always save time, the platform will ensure that the needs and preferences of employees are met, and the latter will benefit as much as possible from the platform, the partner companies and the socio-economic committee. their employer.

When organizing and managing events such as Christmas tree company children’s employees, creating special gift vouchers, or year-round benefits, the choice is often huge for those employees whose companies IVP has chosen to go through the platform. The best of them are also accustomed to using other gifts and help in the event of a happy event, such as a wedding or birth: they are definitely an ally of the employee’s happiness.

Management is facilitated by many benefits

For an employee of a company with TPV, the management of the latter is easily recognizable among the full independence or assistance of a platform designed to facilitate access to special offers. In family or friendly discussions, it is often very easy to compare the known benefits of employees and, in general, it is not difficult to understand which company is using or not using a dedicated platform.

The benefits come in many forms. First, with unique access to a catalog of products and services at a lower cost, by presenting a company card or visiting a works council to generate a promotional credit code on a commercial website, order a show or even pay membership fees to a sports association when purchasing a movie ticket.

There is a clear improvement in the purchasing power of employees, a better quality of life and happiness in owning a business. In particular, all parties benefit from such cooperation, from the head of the company to the employee.

Even better, the platform, in cooperation with travel organizations, can agree on exclusive fares for a stay on the other side of the world or in France. Prices are negotiated at wholesale prices, and TPPs can pass them on to their employees at unbeatable prices, including at the last minute, as is now customary online.

The platform must also be able to support you differently

We told you about it at the beginning of the article, but specifically, TPP is not just designed to provide entertainment ads during non-business hours. He is known for this, but above all, it helps to protect the interests of employees without compromising the sustainability of the company.

In small companies, the number of hours devoted to CSE management may be less than elsewhere, but the issues and needs remain the same. That’s why a great IPP platform will not only provide access to prices and discounts in the world of entertainment, but also legal and Management. In order to properly and properly support the committees, this rarely offered assistance is as important as the negotiation of special tariffs throughout the year.

Legal issues, legal obligations, internal communication or even training? A quality platform will always be multifunctional and systematically support the relevant service as best as possible.

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