Entertainment companies explore how to use the “magic” metaversion to blend reality

From Tron to The Matrix to Ready Player One, the virtual world is becoming a reality.

Filmmaker Maureen Fan is one of the entertainment visionaries to turn traditional 2D movies into a whole new experience. His studio has created a virtual collection for the award-winning interactive animated film Baba Yaga, starring Glenn Close and Kate Winslet.

She told CBS News that people will soon be able to live in the “universes” of major films such as Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings.

“I mean how cool it would be to be in the universe you love. One that you could never enter your world other than your imagination? But here you can actually build it, ”she told CBS News. “Carter Evans.

To date, Fan’s Studio has created eight cartoons, each more complex and interactive than ever before, pushing the boundaries of our imagination.

“I don’t think a metaverse will ever change real life. But I think it’s just a different way to experience it. Things you couldn’t do in real life are things you can only do in the metaverse. she says. “It simply came to our notice then. It’s a world created by someone else you could never have imagined, I think it’s very magical.

Americans may soon spend a lot of time from sporting events to concerts, games and more metaverse.

Facebook, Microsoft and other companies are investing billions in what could become a single 3D virtual world, or perhaps multiple connected worlds.

Experts in Silicon Valley believe this could be detrimental to people’s lives.

“We should think of the meta verse as another iteration of the Internet,” said author Matthew Ball.

Ball wrote, “Metaverse and How It Will Change Everything.” With the seven richest companies investing billions in meta-assets, Ballas thinks it could be worth a trillion in a few years.

“Most estimates of the total value of metaverse show that by 2032. it will be about $ 6 trillion, ”he said.

Allan Cook is creating a studio to test ideas for future entertainment metaverse. He works for Deloitte, which traditionally knows more about spreadsheets than interactive entertainment.

“I think the way we use content has been almost the same for the last hundred years. “When we move forward, it will be in 3D, and it will be the first time we can truly experience everything in an inclusive way,” Cook said.

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