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Where to watch the documentary Chef at the End of the World?
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You are going to the Marquesas Islands

With 30 years of experience in French kitchens, Philippe Etchebest turns to a new experience. In Chef at the End of the World, he sets out to discover the world and its culinary secrets. His first expedition takes him to the heart of one of the most remote regions of the planet, the Marquesas Islands. Scattered across the waters of the South Pacific, this archipelago consists of twelve majestic islands with a population of around 9,000. The star chef will discover wild nature and preserved traditions.

Here is some additional information about its destination:

  • The Marquesas Islands are one of the five French Polynesian archipelagos;
  • only six of the twelve islands are inhabited;
  • the islands are located in the South North Pacific Ocean, almost 975 km from the equator;
  • the area of ​​the archipelago exceeds 997 km², making it one of the largest in French Polynesia;
  • to get there from Paris, you need to plan around 20 hours of flight, followed by 3 hours from Papeete;
  • the islands are approximately 14,000 kilometers from France;
  • 1595 discovered by the Spanish, they are a treasure trove of history and geography.

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Confessions of Philippe Etchebest and the producer of the show

After reading the pitch for the program, the star chef was won over by the concept. Traveling to distant lands, getting to know people and discovering their cuisine – that’s enough for the year 2000. the daily life of the best worker in France would be shaken. In an interview, he stated: “This trip was out of time, I experienced a real moment of peace, far from modernity and hustle and bustle. I discovered an extraordinary population and culture.

The show’s producer, Alexandre Soullier, specializes in travel and exploration programs. It was to combine cuisine and foreign culture that he naturally thought of the charisma of Chef Etchebest. “Chef Etchebest listens and observes, he is in the field of discovery. He gets absorbed. He discovers and learns from the people he meets. Product, taste, preparation technique.

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