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How can our research and work benefit society? Many public policy issues require new knowledge and scientific insight. series “Science and social actors” offers short thematic questions that correspond to the questions to which INRAE ​​responds through continuous research, knowledge and support to national policy. You will find the main issues addressed by the institute, as well as a panel of specific illustrations of its work.

The current rate of biodiversity erosion is unprecedented in human history. However, in the context of increasing shocks and crises, biodiversity is essential for ecosystem resilience, food security and health. It is a valuable heritage and common good that must be preserved and restored, both for its own sake and for the ecosystem services people derive from it. INRAE ​​​​research allows to better describe it and understand its dynamics, as well as to mobilize knowledge to propose solutions to stop its erosion and promote its restoration.

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News about the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has entered the agenda of public actors. It emphasizes the link between animal health, human health and biodiversity, and the need for knowledge and predictability to inform public action. Global health, integrating the links between human, animal, environmental and food health, is the subject of many researches and studies at INRAE.

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Some topics have already been covered in the previous collection “Science and Elected Officials”.

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