Fabien Galthié, France XV coach: “Of course, no changes”

What’s the news from Grégory Alldritt, last minute package?
In yesterday’s training (Monday)he had a little discomfort in his knee, he was spared and “Greg” and I made the decision that he needed to be adjusted so that he could take care of himself properly to then play at 100%.

Why did you put Louis Beale-Biard on the wing?
First is his performances, his path and journey since he has been with us. All the performances are very good, he deserves to pull on the shirt again. He is a player who came after him, with good emulation in the group. We need everyone and Luis is there for every outing.

Why are Jean-Baptiste Grosz and Gabin Villiers not on the match sheet?
They’re doing really well, they played last week and we’ve got other players in their positions as part of the rotations, but they’re doing really well and we’re going to need everyone.

Has Gabin Villiers been demoted?
No, pay attention to the vocabulary. There is healthy competition in the group again, we need everyone. In the 33 group, everyone is important.

Why line up Cameron Woake for the third time in a row in three matches?
We still have rotations during the game, Thibaud Flament shares with them the left-hand position in the second line for 80 minutes of the match. Cameron needs to find his bearings compared to last season, but he is in good shape, he supports the load, in the build-up and after the World Cup matches. He is good. There are players who can easily go further. Cameron is one of them. For others, we made a rotation choice.

Cyril Bale and Jonathan Denty return to the starting line-up. How important are they to your team?
These are players who have been competing with us regularly for four years, have participated in almost all matches with us, especially the Grand Slam. (in 2022). They are very important players in their position, with considerable experience.

With Jonathan Dunty at the center of the offense, is he essential in your system?
“Jo” is a player, a personality that was built and created in our team. We cannot compare ourselves to others, especially not. Our team was built through four years of fighting and chaos, and Dunty played a vital role in that through his profile. But I’m not going to put it in the profile box. He can answer in several situations, he can bring us strength in several key moments, in attack and defense, but also in the game without the ball. He helped build our team.

Does the return of the injured – Dunty, Bale, Djeloncha – increase your potential?
You will see it… We have to focus on the next match. Everyone will personally bring their profile. Joe, Cyril and Anthony are coming back, which is good news. “Greg” (Aldritt) can’t play though, Francois (cross) have another profile. We have to adapt. That is the key word in this competition.

“The team that you have today was created the day after Uruguay. There is no reaction, no change of direction. We adapt and read according to the deadlines. »

Fabien Galthié, Blues coach

Was it important on Thursday to restart the players who played against New Zealand on September 8 to avoid a long tunnel without playing?
We hear a lot of discussion about our team lineups. We have a mechanism with the staff starting the day after the game to build your team. Every (staff) creates my own, I synthesize by day. There is no long-term forecast for the composition of the team. We have a vision of the whole preparation, we have a vision of the game times, we monitor the performance, we work on the emulation. Team formations, we had an idea of ​​this match against the All Blacks in the opener, which was clearly identified. The match was won, it was a success for the whole group and then six days later we had a game against Uruguay. It was clear that the players who had faced the All Blacks needed to recover. Players usually know the team composition two days after the previous game. There, after a seven-day break, we were able to bring back the players who had played against New Zealand. The day after Uruguay, your team for today was formed. No reaction, no change of direction. We adapt and read according to deadlines.

So far, this World Cup is not about over-balling and increased playing time. Does that surprise you?
Be careful with the World Cup games, we are not in a classic competition profile with tours or tournaments where the best countries compete against each other. It is a separate competition. After two days with very tight games, others less so, teams that rotate or not, so training is difficult… We have to wait for the important matches. We played one, we already played the World Cup final (opener against New Zealand). On Saturday (21.00) there is another one with Ireland – South Africa. These are matches that will allow us to learn from the best teams in the world and at high stakes. »

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