Fabio Grosso breaks silence after OM-OL incidents

Anthony Lopes And Fabio Grosso reassured about his form and talked about the group “United“.Sunday event in Marseille”tightened the ties» according to the words of the goalkeeper and team captain, who «I saw players and people standing out, but very united behind the coach.»

Italian coach”better” And don’t want to bother OM or his supporters for the injury that earned him a 30-day ITT. He would have liked his photo not to be “don’t go around the world“. He points the finger at safety and would like to see decisions made to change things and not have to react afterwards. He says: “I don’t think the bus should have taken this route. We entered the stadium with two motorcycles and two police cars, then left with 25 vans and motorcycles. We do things afterwards, but we must do them first. Decisions should be important. I am not talking about sports, but about our safety. It’s me, but it could have been anyone on our bus and the supporters’ bus.»

The club now wants to focus on the athleteand especially to Lyon-Metz scheduled for Sunday at 13.00. With the aim of getting back on track, OL take the last place in Ligue 1.We needed to focus on work after what happened on Sunday night. The best remedy is to kick the ball and get back to work quickly», Anthony Lopes trusts.


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