fake Emmanuel Macron heralds a new season

Well, so Manu?image: screenshot

Emmanuel Macron gave a short speech on Thursday to launch the new season of the TPMP. What if it was a multiverse? Be careful, there are traps.

31/08/2023, 7:34 p.m.01/09/2023, 10:01

Joanna Oulevay

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Emmanuel Macron. Spear. New season of TPMP. During the speech. We need two seconds to think before we start digesting the news. Yes, the media in France is a specialist in mixing genres: the world of entertainment is not shy when it wants to cheerfully invite itself into the world of politics. Gate-crush politicians happily occupy mainstream media platforms. Therefore, it is not surprising that a former high official is found at the table of the colonists. As the new man at the table, Ségolène Royal. But from there to the president yourself, there are six ballot boxes! And yet! In a short video posted on his Twitter account, Cyril Hanouna sent the following message:

“The President’s Address This is the exclusive speech that kicks off this new season of #TPMP, I’ll let you discover it!” We are waiting for you and the whole team!

Cyril Hanouna on Twitter.@Cyrilhanouna

Emmanuel Macron is starting a new season of TPMP👇

Video: Twitter

Do you know the new TPMP guides? No? Meeting session 👇

We soon find a solemn-looking “cost-star” Emmanuel Macron (no watch) leading us to an unusual “darkness”: an introduction to TPMP’s back-to-school program.

“The French, the French. The beginning of the TPMP academic year is September 4.

Address of the President.

“Obviously you’ll find Raymond, the disgusting man from Rungis, Kelly Vedovelli (…), Géraldine Maillet, the teacher, Valou, Valoche, Benaïm and whatever, and unfortunately Gilles Verdez.

This was followed by the announcement of new additions Evelyne Thomas and Alex Goude:

“…Real journalists, not Guez-Mer”

well you will understand none of this is true. It’s really a Manu is larger than life, created by deeply forged techniques. Footage of one of his speeches was shortened by production teams.

And the result is still amazing: the voice, intonation and expressions are Macron’s, and the words seem to come straight from Hanouna’s throat. This was very successful when new AI tools were used. Media 20 minutes but offers a small caveat: if the little “this is a parody” logo appears discreetly at the top of the video, we don’t know if the president approved of this funny digital event.

Video 👇

Video: Twitter

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