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(Central News Agency, Washington, D.C., 26, comprehensive foreign news reports) Indecent photos of American pop queen Taylor Swift created by artificial intelligence (AI) have gone viral on a social platform. Platform X has removed the content in question, it can still be viewed on other platforms. Taylor Swift fans and the White House expressed their anger today.

Agence France-Presse reported that one of Taylor's candid photos was viewed 47 million times before it was deleted. According to American media, this image was deleted from Platform X approximately 17 hours ago.

“It's shocking,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said when asked about the images.

“Unfortunately, we know that the lack of (platform) enforcement disproportionately affects women and young women who are the targets of online harassment,” Champier said.

“Congress should definitely take legislative action,” she added, without naming any specific legislation the White House is backing.

This isn't the first time celebrities have been targeted for fake pornographic images using AI-powered technology. Advocates and regulators fear that the simple use of tools that use generative artificial intelligence could encourage the spread of toxic or harmful content.

Even non-celebrities can become victims, with an increasing number of young women and teenagers being harassed on social media using explicit and fake images. Deepfake technology is becoming more realistic and easier to create.

Taylor Swift is the second most streamed artist in the world on music streaming platform Spotify. This time she was the victim, which may provide another insight into the influence of her powerful fan base.

Last year, Taylor Swift used her popularity to encourage her 280 million IG followers to register to vote and vote in the presidential election.

in 2022 At the end of last year, the ticketing platform Ticketmaster started selling Taylor Swift concert tickets, and fans also asked the US Congress to hold relevant public hearings on Ticketmaster.

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