Former Minister of Health Agnes Buzina recalls that she is the “first in the world” to hold a press conference during the pandemic



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On Wednesday, October 4, former Minister of Health Agnesa Bužina was a guest on France’s 2nd program “4 Vérités”.

On Wednesday, October 4, former Minister of Health Agnesa Bužina visited France’s 2nd program “4 Vérités” in honor of the release of her book. Newspaper. January-June 2020 (ed. Flammarion), which looks back on six months of the Covid-19 crisis, told from the inside. Presenting this book as “feedback, contribution to the debate”Agnès Buzyn estimated that “If we want to learn the right lesson from this story”, “We must have the whole story”.

Back to texting with Emmanuel Macron going public

In January 2020, when Covid-19 was known only as an obscure virus found in China, Agnesa Bužina held a press conference. “I am the first in the world to hold a press conference, not to say that everything is fine, but because I have an idea that there is a risk and I want to gradually raise the level of awareness and understanding of what is happening among the French”she said.

She Newspaper, Agnes Buzyn publishes the text messages she exchanged with Emmanuel Macron and then Prime Minister Édouard Philippe. Texts whose publication the former minister justified by the fact that “All these exchanges were sucked” from his phone “during the search in 2020” as part of an investigation by the Court of the Republic into the management of the pandemic. Agnes Buzyn is now in the investigation as an assisting witness. “These texts were read by dozens of people and, above all, some of them have already been leaked to the press”she added before assessing: “For me, it’s more of a historical document that I’m delivering to the French in an attempt to be truthful.”

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