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4 UPDATE: After a surprisingly long server downtime, it looks like Fortnite has rejoined Division 3 of Season 3. Epic Games has released a patch for 21.0.0 and is now fully updated on its website, which means it is back to normal service here. If you have downloaded and installed the Season 3 update, you can return to the game.

UPDATE 3: Fortnite developer Epic Games has released two new Chapter 3 season 3 announcements. Based on the cinematic and game trailers (below), the new season is called Vibin. The announcements confirm previous leaks as to why Indiana Jones and Dart Weaser will appear in Battle Pass. Ballers will also return along with new roller coaster-style tracks that will increase speed. More animals can ride and ride on the map, and light swords can be thrown at enemies. Fans can download the update now, and the season itself will begin at 9 p.m. BST UK time.


UPDATE 2: More information appeared in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3. According to the latest information leaks, more pets may be ridden in the new season. This includes predators and boars. The sloping towers remained on the map and the Ballers had to return.


NEW MEASUREMENTS: For the first time, Fortnite developer Epic Games fans have officially reviewed some versions of the Chapter 3, Season 3 Battle Pass. New shells can be viewed in new ones Fortnite Look website. The new Fortnite Battle Pass characters are Adira (Blue Jay), Evie (Fuchsia) and Malik (Lancelot). You can see the new shells below.

ORIGINAL: Fortnite fans count until the start of Season 3 of Season 3. The current season ends with a game event on June 4th. 21:00 BST UK time. The collision event is expected to last about 30 minutes. 9:30 p.m. UK disconnect in time due to downtime maintenance. According to a recent post on the Epic Games blog, not to mention the previous season’s schedules, Fortnite’s Season 3 release date will be June 5, with an estimated release time of 9:00 AM BST.

This is stated in a post published about Gen Hoshino’s concerts: “Celebrate the start of the new Fortnite season with another artist in the Soundwave series!

The Soundwave Series is a series of music shows featuring artists from around the world, and now focuses on Japanese pop artist and music producer Gen Hoshino.

“Hoshino’s show will be shown 72 hours from Thursday, 2022. June 9, 8 p.m. ET – just a few days after the start of season 3 of chapter 3 on June 5th!

The start of the new season will coincide with the release of a major upgrade to Fortnite, as well as a completely new Battle Pass.

The Battle Pass would feature Darth Vader’s leather, and Indiana Jones could appear as an outfit.

This complements the Assemble Snap suit, which seems to be fully customizable.

Along with the all-new Battle Pass, Season 3 will bring many map updates.

With the appearance of Dart Vader, the famous Star Wars venue is likely to debut.

Then there is the regular update, which includes many bug fixes and game improvements. Judging from the Fortnite Trello board, Epic will solve the problem of enemy fire as well as vending machines.

Express Online will update this story with all the latest events, including published Season 3 launch times, fix notes, and downtime maintenance news.

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