France Inter resumes at start of 2023 academic year, promises more ‘anti-politically correct’ debates



At the start of the 2023 school year, France Inter has changed: no more sharp government satire, “no more debate” and “no more anti-political correctness,” according to director Adèle Van Reeth.

RADIO – new voices and program changes. France Inter, France’s first public radio station, will not look like previous seasons. From 2022 The station is hosted by Adèle Van Reeth, who has worked for France Culture and Canal+ for the season.

These program changes take place in the rather tense context of France Inter, as management has chosen the everyday life of comedian Charline Vanhoenacker. It’s us again have weekly show on Sundays. This new program will be called Big Sunday night and will be animated “with his whole troupe every week, live and in public, from studio 104 at the Maison de la Radio”, refers to the French inter. Charline Vanhoenacker will also host a “new appointment on Saturday alone with a guest” and will keep his weekly ticket in the morning.

However, Charline Vanhoenacker’s group will lose Alex Vizorek, who is leaving to return to RTL after more than 10 years at France Inter. To replace Vizorek in the morning, management brought in David Castello-Lopes, a former journalist European 1 in an entertainment show Historically yours, where he presented a chronicle about the origin of things. It will air every Tuesday morning.

As for the morning of France Inter, listeners will have rab: the 7/9:30 a.m saves half an hour, so it will increase to 10 hours. Another new arrival is Sonia Devillers, who will lead the interview at 7:50, the place previously occupied by Léa Salamé, who will lead the new meeting with Nicolas Demorand. They “will start a new discussion session, at 9:10 a.m., on the issue of the day (society, politics, etc.) with a team of permanent speakers (journalists, experts, intellectuals) who will confront their ideas”, clarifies the Adèle Van Reeth interview The world.

Political satire is over

But then who comes every afternoon to replace Charline Vanhoenacker’s diary? They are three women: Marie Misset, ex-Radio Nova turned editorial director of Konbini, Maïa Mazaurette, journalist specializing in sexuality, and Marine Baousson, podcast author. vulgar, which will take over from Monday to Friday at 5 p.m.

Because of Parisian, Adèle Van Reeth explained what listeners can expect. This program “will give voice to those who commit,” According to her. Three columnists will invite experts, intellectuals or artists to examine divisive topics “mixing intimacy, humor and breaking news”.

The France Inter boss defends his choice by calling the tone “anti-politically correct” as the new color of radio and to replace the harsh daily criticism of politicians that the band had previously offered to Charline. However, the director of France Inter wants to reassure from the start: “Political humor is inseparable from France Inter”, she was talking a Parisian

It is Carine Bécard who will replace Thomas Snégaroff in the political part of the radio. Political issues. Therefore, the journalist will be the first woman to be at the helm of this program every Sunday.

For his part, Thomas Snégaroff will be the presenter at the beginning of the school year Big face to face, at 12pm on Saturday, replacing Ali Baddou. He will always be accompanied by the journalist Natacha Polony and the Secretary General of the Jean-Jaurès Foundation, Gilles Finchelstein.

The departure of several tenors

In terms of culture, it’s the end of Laure Adler’s show Blue hour. She spoke with intellectuals and artists from Monday to Thursday from 8 p.m. She will be replaced by host Eva Bester in this slot.

Another radio believer also decided to leave: journalist Jérôme Garcin, at the helm of the cult program since 1989. Mask and feather. The show will still exist, but will be hosted by music columnist Rebecca Manzoni.

Among the other formats affected by these changes: Vincent Josse’s chronicle, which he has presented since 2017. The big workshop And where he invited artists to exhibit their universe. His program is coming to an end, but the journalist is expected to remain on the air through the weekend.

Authors’ hideout And History march also bows down for the next school year.

France Inter, which has recently shone again with the results of the audience and has been ahead of its competitors for several years, is renewing itself quite a bit. It remains to be seen whether his 2,155,000 daily listeners – 2022-2023 Médiamétrie number of the season – will continue to follow.
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