France Musique, 23/24 season and beyond: France Musique restocked!

Editorial by Marc Voichet, director of France Musique

For France Musique, this beginning of the 2023 academic year opens the “gate” season.

Gateway because, given the strength of the projects now completed, both on-air and digitally, it is an expanded France Musique that we now present.
And this with a constant concern to be faithful to the creation of France Musique: to make people love, transmit, entertain, share the huge heritage of musical history from the Middle Ages to the present day.
How to ? Developing a new offer architecture and creating new structures for unparalleled exposure of our inexhaustible treasures and original works.

Creating biographies of great composers, baptized Musical sagas Saskia de Ville, is a large and unprecedented chain project. These monographs will be like so many new frameworks that will carry both our invaluable resources and the future content, the archives of tomorrow.
These “Sagas” will be like a library with a clear and pleasant repository that is very easy to access. For example, if you click on the “Mozart saga”, you will not only find an unpublished biography of the composer, but also everything that France Musique has produced and will produce about him. And that, from Schubert to Clara Schumann, from Hildegard von Bingen to Stravinsky, from Beethoven to Ravel… Ad libitum!
These “sagas” will always be accompanied by small modules, like “front doors”, which in less than five minutes will give you the gist, the taste of what you are looking for and who knows, the desire to know any further.
A building site for the future of France Musique, which also allows us to reconnect with the story offering that complements the increasingly musical linear offering.

France Musique Augmentée is also the creation of two YouTube channels. One, entirely dedicated to our educational content, sources of knowledge and scholarship, accessible to young people and beyond… The other, “France Musique Concerts”: music and only music. Free concerts to watch and listen: a rich offer of classical music, jazz, opera, world and contemporary music, musicals… With a strong exposure of the four formations of Radio France.

There is also the arrival of France Musique Augmented, “finally! some will say ballet on our air with Ballet in the heart, by Hipolit Peres. The world of this very young man is the world of dance. From the great names in choreography and in the field of legendary ballets, he offers us this new weekly meeting about this art so closely related to the history of music. At noon on Friday!

France Musique Augmentée is also about the arrival of new programs. Here is the program of the day on the antenna: The essentials Francois Xavier Szymczak, delve into the discography and the great box sets that honor leading artists. There, inside podcast and online only: Helmet and anvil by Lionel Esparza, a review of current shows, a great album not to be missed, or a burning question. With the help of the best journalists in the music world.

France Musique Augmented also has a renewed sound design for more fun and enjoyment, signed by Clément Ducol.

France Musique Augmented is France Musique with more and more pleasure, emotion and joy.

📻 All grid 2023/2024

France Musique: schedule for the week 2023-2024
France Musique: schedule for the week 2023-2024

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France Musique: 2023-2024  annual WE schedule
France Musique: 2023-2024 annual WE schedule

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🆕 Antenna news

Morning music | Monday-Friday 7:00-9:00: A new formula for Season 5 of Jean-Baptiste Urbain at the controls in the morning vs. 7/9 general station stream. Ephemeris, listening to the great repertoire, meetings with artists and players in the world of music, chronicles, reports on existing or future productions, on musical practices, yesterday’s and tomorrow’s challenges… Musique Matin is a promise of revival for music and gentle, covering all musical news.

10-year-old children on the slopes | Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 10:30: This 23/24 season marks the 10th anniversary of En Pistes, presented by the sparkling duo of Emilie Muner and Rodolphe Bruneau-Boulmier. According to the still rich discographic releases, they share their favorites every day, discover the most beautiful versions of the moment, the best interpretations…

The essentials by François-Xavier Szymczak | Monday to Friday from 13:35 to 15: They are conductors, soloists, singers, composers… They are the foundations of classical music! Delve into the discography and big box sets celebrating these reference artists.

Ballet in the heart by Hippolytus Peers | Fridays from noon to 12:30 p.m.: Hippolyte Perret’s world is a world of dance. This very young producer, based on choreography and legendary ballets, offers us a new weekly meeting on this art, which is so closely related to the history of music.

jazz club author Natalija Piolė | Saturdays from 19:00 to 20:00: once a month the Jazz Club finds its way to the legendary Radio France 104 studio live at 19:00.

📱News in the digital environment

New Youtube channel to understand and explore music! That’s what this 2nd France Musique channel promises, offering music culture and educational videos as well as rich chronicles.

And always French music concerts : music and only music. Free concerts to watch and listen: a rich offer of classical music, jazz, opera, world and contemporary music, musicals…

Musicopolis Anne-Charlotte Rémond: rebroadcast of the rich catalog of programs that will open from Monday to Friday at 16:30 on the air.
On the web, Musicopolis continues to grow and this season is available in 8 original podcast collections, publishing 5 x 25-minute episodes once a month dedicated to a figure in music or a topic (Collet the Musician, Ukrainian music history, Django Reinhardt…).

Musical sagasnew Saskia de Ville podcast collection: life and work of great composers (Schubert, Vivaldi, Hildegarde von Bingen…): 8 episodes of 5 x 30 minutes to create a great digital library of French music.

Helmet and anvil : New Lionel Esparza Review Podcast: Every month, Lionel Esparza offers a review of the shows of the moment, a great album you shouldn’t miss, or a hot topic. A podcast with the help of the best journalists in the world of music.

All about the accordion with Felicien Brut The figure of the accordion for the new generation of classical musicians, Féliciens Brut continues the adventure accordion rough (87 issues and 2 seasons available on podcast) and offers a brief history of this strapping instrument as fiery as it is popular. Appointments are made for 4 4 x 30 minute podcast episodes delivered throughout the season.

And also find music newsfrom goodsfrom videoa virtual concert hall of 5000 works ( Replay of concerts), 9 web radio And French Musique Junior room .
Look for us also on social networks Facebook, Twitter, instagram, Tok Tok, Youtube channel Concerts And Editorial office.

And from new original podcasts young and old.

France Musique podcasts for young and old
France Musique podcasts for young and old

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✨The most important events of the season

France Musique 2023-2024 events
France Musique 2023-2024 events

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France Musique 2024 events
France Musique 2024 events

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