François Asensi does not have the title “the best mayor in the world”.

Francois Assen, mayor of Tremblay-en-France, has not been named “the best mayor in the world” by the City Mayors Foundation. This title was won by a city councilor in Graz, Austria.

Francois Asensi selected by City Mayors Foundation CC BY-SA 4.0 Tremblay Town Hall in France

François Asensi ran away from the title of “the best mayor in the world”. As a reminder, The Tremblay-en-France councilor was chosen for the award World Mayor 2023 from the City Mayors Fund. This year, the latter wanted to honor elected officials “who are committed to building friendships and partnerships and working with cities in their country and beyond.”

If François Asensi had been chosen, it is because he participated in the creation of Terres de France, but also because “his city maintains ties with Cuba, Mali and Burkina Faso” and because “he proposes a policy of urban modernization, paying particular attention to the population for the quality of life by implementing environmental protection policy and strengthening local democracy.

Who was named “the best mayor in the world”?

A finalist in the competition along with nine other elected officials, he wasn't the one named “the best mayor in the world” after all. It really is Elke Kahr, Mayor of Graz, Austria, who received the World Mayor 2023 award. And this “for his selfless dedication to his city and its people.” According to the foundation, she has actually decided to “share a large part of her salary with people in need”.

Three other mayors also received accolades. Canadian Dover Mayor Tony Keats was awarded the World Mayor Community Award 2023. Meanwhile, Greifswald Mayor Stefan Fassbinder received the World Mayor Friendship Award 2023. And finally, Mayor Manuel De Araújo. Quelimane, Mozambique, won the World Mayor Jury Prize 2023.

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