Gabon: World Bank assesses credibility of new authorities

DIG/ Since the coup of August 30, 2023, Gabon’s relations with international donors have been somewhat stagnant.

For this purpose, a World Bank mission is currently in Gabon to meet with the transitional authorities and evaluate the cooperation program.

It is in this context that the Minister of Economy and Participation Mays Mouissi adopted on October 17, 2023 head of mission Clélia Rontayanni, resident representative of the World Bank in Gabon Aïssatou Diallo and regional representative of the International Finance Corporation Charlotte Ndaw.

For the delegation, the objectives of this meeting were:

– assess security in the country;

– evaluate the portfolio of existing operations and operations that are currently being prepared;

– to ensure that the legal principles remain the same as well as the continuity of ongoing projects with the World Bank;

– study the economic context of the country.

After reminding his hosts of the context that led to the transformational situation in the country, Minister Mouissi welcomed the resumption of dialogue with the World Bank.

At the same time, he reminded that Gabon will respect its international obligations towards all its main creditors.

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