Gabriel Attals and Prisca Thevenot in Reunion on 16 and 17 August on the fight against bullying at school, sustainable development and digital education

The Minister of State Education will start his visit on August 16 together with the teachers of the Leconte de Lisle High School in Saint-Denis. According to the figures provided by the Rectorate of Reunion in this 2023-2024 in the school year, 17,980 teachers will provide classes for first and second level students.

Afterwards, the two ministers will hold a press conference at the Rectory of Reunion and then go to the Victor Schölcher Vocational High School. During this time, they will visit the professional sector of “personal assistance” and “common gardens” and discuss the city of education. Prisca Thévenot will take part in the presentation of the cultural square and the Bat Karé Kulturel (B2K) festival at the end of the day.

On the second day of the visit, the ministers will attend the return of Reunion students and discuss the issue of combating bullying at school. This return to school will be followed by a meeting with the parents of the students of Frédéric Joliot Curie Elementary School.
The Minister of National Education, Gabriel Attal, and the Secretary of State responsible for youth, Prisca Thévenot, will go to the Jean Hinglo High School in the commune of Le Port to introduce the aid measures to high school students and discuss digital education. They will then meet with high school students from Guy Môquet College in Saint-Benoit to address the topic of sustainable development.

Prisca Thévenot exchanges with students from Plateau Caillou College and their mentors, volunteers from SNSM station Saint-Gilles, before meeting a group of young people who will participate in the youth component of the European Games as part of the Reunion delegation. Indian Ocean Islands in Madagascar.

Almost 217,600 students, including 112,720 primary school and 99,970 secondary school students, are expected in their institutions this new academic year.

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