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WhatsApp Channels was launched by Meta in India last month. To ensure readers get quick updates with these features, Jagran English has recently launched its own WhatsApp channel. In addition to reading news and stories from around the world, you can also share them with your family and friends using WhatsApp. The confirmed channel continues to grow rapidly and here is how you can become a part of this WhatsApp channel.

How to Join Jagran English WhatsApp Channel?

Step 1: Tap or click on this link which will take you to Jagran English’s WhatsApp channel

Step 2: On smartphones, press the follow button next to the channel logo

Step 3: On PC, you can choose to open the link to “View Channel” in the app or “Use WhatsApp Web”

Step 4: Click the “Follow” button next to the channel icon.

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As a second method, you can also scan the attached QR code using your smartphone camera to join our channel.

Jagran English WhatsApp Channel QR Code (Image: Jagran English)

In addition to these benefits, Jagran English WhatsApp channel offers quick updates on current events in India and the world.

Knowledge: Get the latest news on current affairs from around the world in well-structured news

Sports: Direct 2023 broadcast of the world cup and other sports events

JE’s special offers: Features and explanations from the house of Jagran that matter to you

Internet Stories: Learn more about current trends through mixed media of text and video

Video recordings: Don’t have time to read? Jagran English also offers long and short video content
consume news

Horoscope: Get latest horoscope on WhatsApp and more updates every morning

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Pay attention to details like mobile phone number, name and profile picture stay hidden when you join a WhatsApp channel. So, you don’t need to worry about privacy. Your interactions with us will help us build a community of informed subscribers. To date, the channel has more than 5100 readers. Welcome to our channel.

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