Going Under, Hokko Life and Mari and Bayu discover 3 SFR games

Want to go on an adventure game or even let your kids have a little fun with a video game on vacation? The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Three new adventure and puzzle games are coming to your box with SFR Gaming!

The holiday season is finally here and it’s an opportunity to give your children more freedom. How about a little game night on the comfy couch? Regardless of your choice, SFR Gaming offers a large catalog of video games that can be found directly in your TV box. Action, adventure, fantasy, sports, speed: whatever style of game you like, you’ll find what you’re looking for with this option right on your TV. This month – games It goes underground, Hokko’s life And Mari and Bayu: The Road Home who are in the spotlight.

Embark on an underground adventure in Going Under.

If the life of an intern is not the easiest and when you are not paid, it is even less so. In the game It goes underground You play as an intern working for a company in the fictional city of Neo-Cascadia. Here, startups sink one after the other, sink underground, thus condemning their employees, who have become monsters, to roam the depths until the end of time. Your goal is simple: dive into the ruins of all these failed companies and alleviate the suffering of the workers. At the same time, seize their assets to return them to your boss so that your business doesn’t suffer in turn.

How to complete your mission? It’s as simple as hello. Use whatever comes to hand (computers, mice, laptops and even brooms), you can also discover real weapons in the game. But use them very carefully because they can break at any time. Throughout the game, gain professional skills that will allow you to get promoted, opening up new ways of playing that can quickly eliminate your enemies.

Create a village in your own image in Hokko Life

If you love Animal crossingyou will like it Hokko’s life. And your kids too! This game takes you to a village where everything needs to be done. The player slips into the shoes of a character living in the city of Hawk. You are, more precisely, the creator of the city. One that will turn this place into a charming and undeniably bucolic place. Settle into an old workshop that has been abandoned to speak for your creativity.

You have several missions: craft using resources in the forest or mine, then craft and paint using your personal connection. With the help of the village builder, develop it by building new buildings here and there that you can customize to house all your friends. Farming, fishing and bug hunting… will allow you to take on new challenges. Create your own city in Hokko Life.

Mari and Bayu, come help these two friends

This adventure game will delight older children. This co-op adventure takes you into the world of Mari, an ant looking for her brother Tom. Discover his environment, the insects, his point of view. Here, a simple human trail has many more secrets and clues that will accompany you on this great adventure. Fortunately, our heroine is accompanied by a magical friend named Bayu, who restores her confidence and builds strength by finding kidnapped family members.

Go through mini-worlds and experience the ultimate puzzle-solving adventure. You will have the opportunity to soar on a feather and explore these universes or even ride on the backs of grasshoppers. Go solo or co-op with your friends to get started with Mari and Bayu!

SFR Gaming has over 300 video game links for you to discover from your TV. This option allows you to turn your TV box into a games console by connecting controllers for wild games alone or with the family. There are no age restrictions on this platform, kids and adults can find something to have fun with during the holidays!

Source : Steam

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