Google News introduces ‘Following’, a customizable feed.

June announced that Google News on Android is rolling out a redesigned Follow feed that features “the latest updates from the topics, sources and places you’ve chosen to follow.”

Google News has long allowed you to follow topics (like world, technology, health, etc.), sources (publications), and places (cities). These interests would be used to determine what appears in the main “For You” feed.

Previously, the Followed tab listed everything you followed. Now here’s a new feed with cards for all topics, sources and locations. Each one contains the top three stories with headlines, cover images and publication date.

On tablets, photos are larger with four stories from side to side.

You cannot adjust how the cards are ordered, and each has a link to the main page. The “Recently Watched” carousel at the top lets you find something quickly if you don’t want to scroll. To follow/unfollow sources, tap Library, which is now the old Follow tab.

All in all, this new follow is a great way to get more attention for your interests than for “You.” It’s not much, but this feed gives you more control than what Google News previously offered.

This shows that Google News is getting content that you’re redesigning (even on iOS) and tablet optimization, as well as modern home screen controls.

We see a redesigned tracking channel with Version 5.86 Google news for Android today. Back in June, Google said:

The updated tracking feature will soon be available worldwide on Android and will be extended to iOS later this year.

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