Graulhet: summer course this weekend on devotional songs of the world

Summer can be an opportunity to discover new passions. This weekend, Natacha Muet, choir director of La Rugissante, is offering a two-day course to discover the devotional songs of the world.

This weekend you have a unique opportunity to discover different musical horizons at the World Song Summer Course led by the talented choir director Natacha Muet from Chorale La Rugissante.

Be mesmerized by the world’s polyphonies and immerse yourself in Latin American fight songs, rearranged to include a vocal experience.

The course will take place over two days, this Saturday August 12th and Sunday August 13th, and promises to take you across continents and cultures with original arrangements of polyphonic songs from regions as diverse as Greece and Romania.

Under the inspirational guidance of Natacha Muet, you will discover a fascinating repertoire that evokes the sounds and emotions of these different cultures. Among the highlights of this course, you will also have the opportunity to delve into Indian polyrhythm, broadening your understanding of the characteristic rhythms and melodies of this rich musical tradition.

Musical exploration

The cost of the course is €80 for two days, a total of 12 hours of learning and musical exploration under the tutelage of Natacha Muet. This is a unique opportunity to learn from a passionate expert and improve your vocal skills while exploring the diversity of world music.

Among the strengths of this course, you will also have the opportunity to immerse yourself in Latin American fight songs. You will have the opportunity to work with a fight song re-sung especially for this occasion, with a four-part approach that will bring out the charming harmonies of this faithful musical tradition.

It is important to note that this course is open to all levels, whether you are an experienced singer or just want to explore new aspects of your voice. Vocal games and harmony work will allow you to develop your skills and connect with other music enthusiasts.

Let yourself be seduced by mesmerizing rhythms and fascinating harmonies from around the world during this summer course in world songs.

To register for this immersive musical experience, contact Natacha Muet on 06 81 48 97 00.

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