Greece: All travel restrictions have expired

From May 1. Greece has lifted all restrictions, farewells, tests, permits or certificates on traveler …

From 2022 May 1 until 31 August. Travelers arriving in Greece will no longer be required to present an EU digital COVID certificate (EUDCC), health certificate or test to enter the country, the Greek Ministry of Health announced last Thursday.

More specifically, the government’s Covid Committee from May 1. decided unanimously:

Travelers will be able to enter Greece without presenting a digital COVID certificate stating whether someone has been vaccinated against COVID-19, a health certificate or a negative test for entering restaurants, cafes, bars, shops and entertainment venues. all.

Restaurants, cafes, bars, shops and entertainment venues will be able to operate at full capacity (100%) if the requirement for a vaccination certificate, test or proof of health is waived.

Masks should no longer be worn outdoors, but the Covid Committee strongly recommends using masks indoors
we also recall that the PLF is no longer obligatory to go to Greece.

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