GTA 6 trailer tomorrow? Fans celebrate the birthday of fate

Rockstar Games is celebrating another big anniversary this week. GTA 5 is turning ten years old and to celebrate, fans are expecting new announcements about GTA 6.

New York – GTA 5 is now ten years old. But even though Rockstar’s title was released some time ago, enthusiasm for the game remains intact. That is why fans of the series are looking forward to this anniversary and, of course, are hoping to get official information about GTA 6.

The name of the game Grand Theft Auto VI
Release (date of first release) TBA
editor Rockstar games
Series Grand Theft Auto
Platforms PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PC (not confirmed)
Programmer Rockstar North.
Gender Open world action adventure

GTA 6: Fans Are (Still) Convinced – Trailer Coming On The Day

Birthday in 2013 September 17 Rockstar Games launched GTA 5 and since then the game has broken several records. The game is still played daily by around 100,000 users on Steam alone. Therefore, the studio has every reason to celebrate the decade of this successful game. Fans of the series want not only to enjoy the old content, but also to get more information about GTA 6.

GTA 5 success

in 2023 GTA 5 will celebrate its tenth anniversary in September. The game has sold more than 180 million copies since its release until May of this year, making it the second best-selling game of all time after Minecraft. With a turnover of around 6 billion dollars, it has even become the most profitable entertainment product in the world.

It seems logical to some that Rockstar Games would use such an important date to announce new announcements about GTA 6. After all, there has been no official information about the game since it was announced that it was working on GTA 6. it’s been a year since players hit the floor, but hope always dies last. However, some leaks regarding GTA 6 are already considered almost confirmed.

However, not the whole community is optimistic. Some believe that Rockstar is still keeping the release of GTA 6 a secret and is just trying to keep players happy with GTA Online content. GTA Online t-shirts are now causing headaches for GTA 6 fans. Here are the comments on Reddit:

  • Single_Drawing_4565: “Rockstar said there will be GTA Online events, prizes and things like that to celebrate the anniversary. What does this tell us? Can we expect anything? I don’t know what to think. A trailer would be great.”
  • User deleted: “They’re going to do a Newswire Post to celebrate the anniversary, and it’s going to end with these words: We’ll have some exciting news to share with you soon.
  • TheReal2: “It won’t have anything to do with GTA 6. At most they’ll say they’re already hard at work on the next title in the series.”
  • Dropped fingers: “We’ll probably just give away some GTA Online money, t-shirts, etc.” They will say thank you and that’s it.

GTA 6: Ten Years of GTA 5 – What’s Real?

who is coming It is hard to say if any new information about GTA 6 will actually be released. However, it is already being speculated that the first trailer for GTA 6 will be released this year. However, various leaks mention November. If this rumor turns out to be true, fans will have to wait a little longer.

Even before the official release of GTA Online’s anniversary promo, an insider at Tez2 has revealed what’s in store for players. In the video, he showed off some outfits that your online characters can have starting with the next update.

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