Having fun on TikTok, learning on YouTube, following news on X… young people visit several social networks, but for different reasons

(ETX Daily Up) – Generation Z and Y members are active on an average of six social networks. But they’re not looking for the same thing when they visit TikTok, Pinterest or Facebook. According to an American report, more than eight out of ten young people say they visit different social networks for different reasons. Between the search for inspiration, the need for entertainment and the desire to learn, what are the different reasons that make young people “scroll” on the most popular social platforms?

Each social network has its own functions. Youth have many platforms that they use according to their needs. This is a report YPulse Social Media Monitor*, which looked at the top reasons why young users between the ages of 13 and 39 in the US and Canada visit Instagram; Tick ​​Tockfacebook, Youtube or Snapchat, X (Twitter) and Pinterest.

Learn and have fun

According to the data, young people turn to TikTok, Snapchat and Facebook first when looking for entertainment content. There are some differences between Z and Millennials: “Whether it’s the fast-paced, engaging videos of TikTok or Snapchat’s real-time updates and fun stories, Gen Z is likely to choose these two platforms for entertainment,” the report explains. . But the Chinese giant is more popular among Z, attracting more than half of such content compared to two out of five youngsters on Snapchat, which is slightly ahead of Facebook. In turn, Millennials prefer Instagram for entertainment, ahead of TikTok and Facebook.

In addition to crowd-pleasing, TikTok, Snapchat, and this time YouTube, are popular among young people looking for a little boost to lift their spirits. Authentic, positive and exciting content is popular on these platforms.

Finally, YouTube and to a lesser extent TikTok are also used by curious youngsters who want to watch tutorials and learn something new. This is evidenced by the success of many beauty trends on TikTok.

Instagram: A platform for brands

The Pinterest platform remains true to its identity, remaining a model of inspiration not only for interior decoration, but also for finding hobby and travel ideas. X (formerly Twitter) remains #1 for news among North Americans ages 13-39, despite scandals. Instagram is also a great place for users looking for the latest information about their favorite influencers and celebrities.

This report highlights the importance of brands adapting to the most popular content across platforms to be more attractive to potential consumers, even across generations. If TikTok, Facebook and Instagram continue their momentum in the world online shopping, “buying products” is often cited among the latest reasons users turn to these platforms. But it’s still more responsive to searching for new products and new brands: “While it’s the fourth-leading reason young people visit Instagram, nearly a third say they use it to search for new products or brands.” – Branded content has been cited as a reason why young users visit major platforms, even though the same number of them use TikTok, according to the report.

*Source: 2023 YPulse Social Media Monitor study. September 26-October 5, involving 1,489 people ages 13 to 39 in the United States and Canada.

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