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Jam lovers will be delighted! These two amazing recipes have been recognized as “the best jams in the world”. We tell you everything.

Have you ever thought what were the best jams in the world? A jury of experts has just analyzed 140 different recipes! And two of them stand out because of their great recipes!

Two award-winning French jams

On average, the French consume 3.54 kg of jam in one household per year! This sweet and fruity blend is loved by young and old alike. In addition, jam goes well with many dishes and is included in all meals.

Would it be spread on toast for breakfast. Or as an aperitif to accompany cheeses. Jam pleases everyone. You still have to choose carefully.

In fact, certain labels available in supermarkets are full of sugar! But others, more artisanal, are full of flavor and will make you love every bite.

Last August, the World Jam Championship was held in Beaupou, Lot-Garonne. And both Champion recipes are in French.

These are two Poline brand jams. The latter had a wonderful idea combine fruits and vegetables in the same pot. And the result surprised the jury of experts.

THE two champion recipes are actually pretty amazing! The first, consisting of strawberries, peppers and apricots, won the title of best jam in the category “Unusual Jam”. As for the second one, Framboise Cassis, she was voted champion in the traditional jam category.

Poline’s jams stood out from the 140 recipes presented to the jury during this championship. A great feat for both founders: Margo Millet and Marion Giannelli.

A great win honoring their grandmothers

“The story of Poline begins in the kitchens of our grandmothers Paulette and Jacqueline, so the name Poline is also a combination of their names,” Marion Giannelli explains to Latest News from Alsace. When we were little, we made a lot of vegetable jams with them. Growing up, we never found vegetable jams in trade. This is the beginning of Poline” the two young Alsatians explain.

Therefore, Poline jams have a beautiful history and are of very good quality. Indeed, they are organic, without pectin, dyes or preservatives. Overall, the brand offers about ten original recipes.

Namely, cinnamon eggplant, curry onion, ginger fennel, vanilla sweet potato or even mustard seed pepper. We can already imagine the little one a delicious taste that will surprise your guests at every meal.

Thanks to winning the jam championship, the two young women saw their sales skyrocket! ” The blow was crazy. We had a lot of orders on the site and also a lot of orders from professionals because we sell to caterers, restaurants, cafes, delicatessens, gift shops. explains Marion, head of communication and marketing at BFM Alsace.

Margo Millet with the two gold medals she just won the jam master became the youngest champion to the world of history! A feat for the young Alsatian, who is very proud of it!

On Instagram, both founders have about 3,000 subscribers. The official Poline_co account will make you dream with photos of jams that look delicious. Visit their website to buy lots of unique flavored jams for only €30!

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