Here is the new attraction of the European park

The European park is growing! And whoever says new neighborhood definitely says new attraction. The first tests of the Voltron Nevera roller coaster were successful. An attraction that even promises to be unique in the world.

12/19/2023, 6:51 p.m.2023-12-20, 09:16

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Since 1975, the European Union has grown, as has its theme park. From this development in 2019 the Scandinavian district was born. And in 2024 Croatia will be in the spotlightwith a new dedicated district located between Russia and Greece becoming the 17th theme park district.

Therefore, between the water ride Poseidon and the spinning Euro-Mir, you can discover Voltron Nevera. This new attraction aims to combine thrills and technology with seven flips, four motors, 2.2 seconds of consecutive weightlessness and the world record for the steepest drive is 105°.

Hard to imagine on paper, it would all seem overwhelming, as the images of the first tests show.

A 28-meter tower rises around this hike, honoring the Croatian inventor Nikolas Tesla, who contributed a lot to the development of electricity.

This is what it should look like during the day:

To give you an idea of ​​reality, here is a 3D simulation of the attraction seen in the video above. It promises.

Test images 👇

Video: watson


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