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In the next installments of Here it all begins … While Maxime and Teyssier want to bring Louis down, Guillaume gets lost in front of his feelings. At the same time, Lysander and Anaïs reconcile but Hortense and Mehdi tear themselves apart.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins airing tomorrow night on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t keep reading!

Monday 3 January in Here it all begins …


Still angry at Louis, Charlene berates him for taking credit for her father’s work. Refusing to hear the story of his abandoned son, Louis indicates that he did so only to keep his place in the institution. Despite resenting it, the young woman manages to understand him and declares that she loves him.

For their part, Maxime, Mehdi and Hortense discuss the new couple who will represent the school in the competition for the best cooking school in France. While everyone wonders why Louis chose Enzo, Enzo listens to their conversation and claims that even if he doesn’t have better grades than his partner, at least he has his integrity. However, Maxime doubts it and lets him know.

Teyssier shares his doubts with Claire. In fact, he finds it surprising that his son Armand has become a prodigy in the kitchen in his absence and assumes that he must have been helped by someone. Convinced of her son’s talent, Claire takes her defense fiercely.

Not far from there, Charlene has an idea to silence the rumors about the new couple. Since Anaïs ‘New Year has fallen apart, she offers to organize it at her parents’ house so that Louis and Enzo can pretend to have become friends.

Later, Claire awkwardly questions her son about his Saint-Jacques plate. Taken badly, Chef Guinot ends up telling him about Emmanuel’s suspicions and admits that he sowed a slight mess in his mind before apologizing to him.

In the evening the students meet at the Teyssier’s to celebrate the end of the year and the sudden friendship between Louis and Enzo makes people talk about themselves. When tempers heat up, Enzo decides to provoke Maxime by openly mocking him. Exasperated, the latter, fed up with his jealousy, ends up insulting him and pushing him hard. The drop is too much for Enzo who punches him in the face. Before he returns the favor, Emmanuel and Constance disembark and end the fight by sending everyone home.

After Constance took care of Maxime’s injury, Emmanuel took the opportunity to talk to him about Louis. Convinced that he has stolen Auguste’s recipe, Teyssier asks for her help in preventing Louis from overcoming the competition.

Two days later, convinced by Teyssier’s words, Maxime finds him outside the institute to define a plan of attack. If his son Delcourt wants to be denounced by Enzo, Emmanuel does not want to take the slightest risk and believes that Olivia can be a real asset. She hopes Chef Listrac agrees to help them or even delve into her stepson’s business if Maxime gets his game right.

Shortly thereafter, Maxime meets Olivia and reveals that Louis used his father’s recipes to secure a place in the competition. The latter then tells him that Claire sent Louis a trunk containing Augustus’ things a few days earlier. Together, therefore, they go to the Guinot to search the trunk. Unfortunately they find nothing. As they continue their research in Louis’ room, Maxime finally gets his hands on Auguste’s notebook. When Claire comes home unexpectedly, he claims to have come to collect the competition certificates that Augustus won at the director’s request.

Back at the institute, Maxime shows Enzo the cookbook and asks him to tell Teyssier the whole truth. But Enzo refuses, preferring to continue to protect his partner. So he hurries to warn his son Armand. The latter, however, does not seem particularly worried and ensures that everything is under control.

At the same time, Maxime gives Teyssier the notebook. More than enough evidence to let everyone know that Louis is an imposter.


In the morning, Guillaume tries to persuade his wife to get Laetitia through the interview for the assistant post. Clotilde ends up agreeing on the condition that he agrees to leave her if he gets the job.

Laetitia then passes the interview. Even though his resume is a bit light, he comes across as a serious and hardworking person. While Antoine declares that this will not be possible, the phone rings. Laetitia immediately answers the call and answers the questions of her interlocutor who asks for information on the entrance exam to the institute. A service that amazes Antoine who finally agrees to hire him.

Subsequently, the principal assures Guillaume and Clotilde that this will not cause any problems. For Chef Armand, it won’t matter as long as her husband keeps his side of the bargain. The latter then confirms that he knows what to do.

Two days later, Laetitia begins her new assistant duties and takes advantage of Guillaume’s software training to ask her why she is distant from her. At the foot of the wall, Guillaume tells her about the promise he made to Clotilde to get the job. When Kelly’s mother suggests he lie to his wife, he hesitates. Even though he hates lying to her, he still doesn’t feel able to break up with Laetitia.

Upon returning, Guillaume confesses to Clotilde that he has not yet left his mistress. Seeing him lost in her feelings, she feverishly questions him to find out if he still loves her. After he says yes, they kiss passionately before having a moment of intimacy.


Since Lysander refuses to celebrate with his friends, Anaïs is forced to cancel the New Year’s party she had planned. In front of him, she is no longer sure that she was right to settle down with him. To the extent that her evening has fallen by the wayside, Anaïs decides to spend the end of the year working in double A. It is okay to judge that she is exaggerating, Lysander chooses to do the same for her sake. .

During the service, Anaïs finally admits that her reaction was a bit excessive. After admitting both of their mistakes, they reconcile. When Salomé arrives and says that the Teyssiers have kicked them out, she tries to convince her partner to leave them at home to continue the festivities. Although he refuses, the room teacher still accepts that they end the evening in the common room.

Without waiting, the students go there and then celebrate the end of the year with joy and good humor. Before the stroke of midnight, Eliott tells Jasmine that he is very happy to start the year with her.


In pastry class, Zacharie asks his students to revisit vacherin, a great pastry classic. Unsurprisingly, Hortense and Mehdi team up but disagree on the recipe. For her sake, Mehdi follows her idea starting with chocolate meringue and truffle ice cream.

Unfortunately, Chef Landiras does not like the combination of flavors at all, who says he is disappointed. Mehdi then blames his girlfriend for not listening to him while the latter reminds him that there is no reason to always follow his ideas. When he points out that he is much better at this discipline than she is, the injured young woman leaves the kitchens.

At the end of the course, Chef Landiras makes it clear to Mehdi that it would be more judicious for him to work with someone other than Hortense to perfect his learning. On the advice of his mentor, he then offers Deva to work with him. A culinary infidelity that Hortense does not appreciate. When Mehdi indicates that it might be better for them to stop working together for a while, Hortense accepts not without emotion.

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