How education fueled an international business career in Asia

Damian Meduri and Graham Fletcher, Australian Ambassador to China

Backed by rich educational experience

After graduating high school, Damian began an undergraduate degree in international studies, where he went on exchange to Shanghai, supported by the Westpac Asian Exchange Scholarship. On his return, Damian interned at the Australian Institute of International Affairs, which helped launch his career to where he is today and initially landed him a graduate role with the NSW State Government. A year later he found himself on the Chinese table.

Eager to further develop his knowledge and skills, he began a Masters in International Business (MIB) at the University of Sydney.

“The MIB added theories and frameworks to conceptualize the practice I see every day,” he says. “I work with both domestic exporters and foreign investors, and MIB helped me better understand the logic of their business decisions and enabled me to provide better advice.”

Overall, Damian recalls his university experience as positive, full of challenges and insight.

“Throughout my experience, I enjoyed the support of the teaching staff,” he says. “I had the great opportunity to work with Dr. Wei Li on a capstone project for MIB with a Chinese investor based in Sydney.”

In addition to gaining professional skills, Damian found that his time at university also encouraged personal development. He recalls robust discussions with lecturer Julian James about ethics and its relationship to his role as a public servant.

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