How to Apply for Kpop Auditions

Kpop is in the language online and in-person auditions!

Online auditions (email auditions) are easy to do, so we encourage you to do as many as possible. But if there’s an in-person audition near you, go ahead, because if you’re one of the top winners, you can become an apprentice right away.

We suggest that you visit all Korean entertainment agency websites and make a schedule to see when the next audition is. Most K-pop entertainment agencies look at other companies’ calendars to avoid auditions on the same day.

Therefore, you will not often find yourself in situations where you will have to choose to listen to one company over another. With so many Kpop entertainment companies, it’s possible to attend at least one Kpop audition a week.

How to Apply for Kpop K-Selection Auditions

We recommend checking back weekly as companies regularly update their websites with the latest news about tests and auditions. As K-pop becomes more international, global live auditions are held all over the world.

  • What to expect at K-pop auditions.

There used to be top 3 and now there are 4. HYBE, JYP Entertainment, SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment. The competition to become an intern at these K-pop entertainment companies is high. Thousands of people apply, and only one or two will be selected as apprentices.

How to Apply for Kpop K-Selection Auditions

Big Hit Music focuses on boy bands and is the hardest label. She pays a lot of attention to the group and promotes it. As with BTS and TXT.

For all auditions, you will need to fill out an audition request form (eg resume) a few days before the audition. On the day of the audition, you will be with a large group of people in the rehearsal room. They will then show you a list of names so you know when you will be entering the next room for the audition.

The audition process varies from company to company, but usually involves introducing yourself, performing a song or two, and doing some choreography. The judges won’t give feedback on this audition, so if they like it, you’ll be called back for a 2nd audition or you’ll get a call to tell you what you need to improve on. The second round involves about 15-20 people, and each of them will have to sing in the recording studio to perform the song.

How to Apply for Kpop K-Selection Auditions

Some K-Pop entertainment companies prefer group auditions. This means that a group of about 10 people enter the auditorium and from there everyone chooses to sing, rap or dance.

Where can you listen?

Big Hit Entertainment (HYBE), JYP Entertainment, SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, fnc entertainment, Cube Entertainment, Woollim Entertainment, Pledis Entertainment, Starship Entertainment, Top Media Entertainment, Medusa Entertainment, mystical entertainment, DSP media, fantagio music, KQ Entertainment, brand new music, C9 Entertainment, Loen Entertainment, Brave Entertainment.

How to Apply for Kpop K-Selection Auditions

Former K-pop stars said it took them an average of 8-10 auditions before they were accepted. This is because they received a lot of valuable feedback from producers and judges. So take what they say and incorporate it into your next audition.

If you pass one screening, you will have to pass the others (usually 2 or 3 more). Then you become an apprentice and with hard work you can become a K-pop star. The rule of thumb is that after 20 auditions, if you haven’t made any progress, that’s a clear, early sign that you’re not going to be successful.

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