Humane AI Pin: 5 things you need to know about the world’s first smartphone without a screen

New Delhi,UPDATED: 2023 November 14 17:28 IST

The biggest news in the tech world last week was the humanoid AI Pin. The jury is still out on how successful or even suitable the device is at this point, but the conversation hasn’t stopped. Every journalist, critic and reviewer on the web is talking about it, and rightly so, the device offers a lot of interesting things.

For the uninitiated, a startup called Humane by ex-Apple employees Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno has long talked about a device “built for the AI ​​era.” And last week, Humane finally launched its first product, called the AI ​​Pin. It’s basically a smartphone without a screen that doesn’t resemble a traditional tablet-like phone. You can wear the AI ​​pin on your shirt and/or clip it to your desk. The device doesn’t have a screen, but uses ChatGPT and Bing to perform tasks on your behalf, send messages, make calls, take photos and take notes.

Let’s dive deeper into the device. Here are five things you should know about the Humane AI Pin:

AI Pin is your portable smartphone

A picture with a stylish clip that is not only a fashion statement, but also your entire smartphone, minus the screen! This little miracle from Humane lets you do everything a regular smartphone does, but it’s not something you stare at all day. It’s discreetly pinned to your shirt and you talk to it. But wait, it gets even wilder – this AI Pin can bring your phone to your hand and use it interactively!

Humane’s vision: a world without smartphones

After a year of teasing, Humane ditches its AI PIN with a global smartphone outpost. Forget the traditional smartphones that dominate your life; AI Pin promises the same functionality without taking up so much space in your everyday life.

Wear and interact with an AI pin

The AI ​​pin is magnetic and easily attaches to your shirt. Best worn over outerwear for optimal use as it is voice enabled. Or, if you’re tied to a desk, you might as well trim it at your workplace.

The magic of AI: More than voice commands

Using a green laser, the AI ​​Pin projects information onto the palm of your hand, turning it into a smart surface. Tap your palm to call or text. It even has a 13MP camera for gestures and a touchpad for manual activation – no need for constant listening and wake-up calls.

Technical specifications, subscription and availability

Powered by Cosmos OS, AI Pin taps into ChatGPT and Bing’s generative AI tools. With a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, motion sensors, a 13 MP camera and more, it’s a powerful device in a tiny pin. Available in three great variants, Eclipse, Equinox and Lunar, it weighs 34g. The subscription model, which costs $24 per month, is initially exclusive to T-Mobile in the US, with pre-orders starting on November 16, with shipping early next year.

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