In the headlines this Wednesday, August 2nd…

Jfor overtaking. On August 2, humanity will symbolically exceed the production capacity of Earth’s resources. Calculated annually by the American NGO Global Footprint Network, this date corresponds to the point in the year when humanity has consumed all renewable resources what the planet is able to produce in a year.

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Cinema. Yanikthe last one Film by Quentin Dupier, arrives in theaters on Wednesday, August 2. Feature film worn by Pio Marmai, Blanche Gardin and Raphael Quenard. Accustomed to short and intense forms, he broke his record this time: this comedy lasts only 1h07. The square realizes all the fantasy of those who have already been bored in the play: in the middle of the bad theater boulevard, the spectator, Yanik, stands up and takes the actors to task.

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Football. On the third day of the first round Football World Cup women’s national team, the French team will meet the Panama team on Wednesday, August 2. Barring disaster at the Sydney Football Stadium, the Blues look certain to qualify for the final stage, while Jamaica and Brazil will still have their eyes on the table. But while the table for the quarters had expanded on Saturday after the French’s brilliant success against the Seleçao (2-1), the future was somewhat clouded the following day when Colombia played against Germany (2-1). First place, the most likely scenario, unless there is a mistake against the Panamanians, is no longer so beneficial.READ ALSOWomen’s World Cup: The (new) cult talk of Herve Renard ahead of France and Brazil


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