Insight Tech Journal Leverages Artificial and Virtual Reality for Real-World Business Needs – Sep 15, 2023 at 09:03 AM EDT

Insight’s quarterly magazine explores how the development of augmented experiences with advances in artificial intelligence, generative artificial intelligence and the metaverse is turning small steps into big gains

The margins between success and failure in business can be fine, but what if you could only improve each step of the process by 1 percent? Technology provides precision to improve what you do, improving IT productivity and efficiency by combining small operational gains into big bottom lines.

Insight Enterprises (NASDAQ: NSIT), a Fortune 500 solutions integrator driving customer success through digital transformation, reveals in autumn 2023 edition from Tech Journal practical yet powerful use cases of emerging technology such as artificial intelligence, generative AI and augmented reality.

“Most companies are just beginning to take advantage of the convergence of real-world needs with artificial and virtual reality,” said Rachel Howard, Tech Journal editor-in-chief and global brand and communications director of Insight. “What if we could improve the impact of marginal gains? What if you served customers 1 percent faster? How about boosting your cyber security by 1 percent? What if we made the employee onboarding experience 1 percent smoother? Cost-conscious business leaders may be hesitant to put too much stock in what may appear to be fantastic technology. In reality, there are such solutions generative AI and metaverse can deliver significant time and cost savings.”

New ones Tech Journalpublished this week, puts emerging technology theory into practice in these articles:

  • Every company has a blueprint for generative artificial intelligence – or? Understand the latest truths and myths about rapidly advancing technology;

  • How operationalize generative artificial intelligence and take the right steps for a safe and successful adoption;

  • Create grounded applications of the metaverse that deliver incredible experiences for businesses that go beyond virtual hype;

  • Is your cybersecurity AI-proof? Why Your Cyber ​​Team Needs an AI Co-Pilot;
  • How do you become more employee-friendly when managing tens of thousands of devices? Be flexible with Device as a service.

Insight’s Tech Journal helps IT managers, C-level business leaders, business owners, and business unit leaders understand the latest developments in the modern workplace, modern applications, modern infrastructure, the intelligent edge, data and artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity.

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