International Invention Exhibition: Morocco wins gold medal in Tokyo

Another international recognition for Morocco. The Moroccan School of Engineering (EMSI), through its SMARTILAB laboratory, won a gold medal at the World Genius Convention Expo 2023 in Tokyo last Friday.

According to the Assabah daily newspaper, EMSI was awarded for its “Intelligent Marine Prospecting System (SIProM)” system, which consists of several intelligent robots, each with one or more sensors. These sensors enable real-time communication of environmental, meteorological, military and maritime data.

The system also enables the scanning of large areas of the sea to determine the density and movement of fish in the desired area. Collected data can be used for fishing. Thanks to this invention, fishing trips and spots can be decided efficiently without getting lost in the oceans or wasting time to no avail.

EMSI Group President Kamal Daisoui was quoted by the newspaper as saying that this international recognition is “a pride and honor for Morocco and the school”. He also emphasized that this invention came about thanks to the efforts of EMSI student-researchers, teachers and inventors. And it adds that the inventors who participated in the exhibition, from more than 60 countries, praised the Moroccan project.

Darell Goodwin

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