International – The 2028 Club World Cup is being explored

Discussions about the start of the Club World Cup continue. This competition, which will gather the cream of world rugby, could see the light of day by 2028.

In a few years, Stade Rochelais, Stade Toulouse or some other French club could become the king of the world. In honor of the first club conference organized in Toulouse, which brought together 42 EPCR clubs, as well as representatives from World Rugby, Six Nations, URC, Premiership and Top 14, the project A Club World Cup has been widely distributed. discussed. The latter would be to bring together the top eight teams from the Champions Cup and the top eight teams from Super Rugby and the Pacific region every four years.

“Several clubs in France and the UK have been pushing hard in this direction.”

“There is a real desire to create a Club World Cup and a number of clubs in France and the UK have been pushing hard in that direction.said EPCR President Dominic McKay. We know this is a complex project. We really want to work hard to achieve that.” If the idea can make you salivate, many metrics will need to be validated before the competition sees the light of day. Starting with the calendar, already very busy, especially in France, and therefore difficult to modulate for such a competition. “These would be new events for players and supporters, so it has to work in terms of the calendar, the format and the logistics of the players.”admitted the EPCR chief.

A competition once every four years in June?

Dominic McKay is ambitious. The man expressed his wish “To do something if we can, probably in 2028 and 2032.” “We are in positive discussions with our counterparts in the southern hemisphere. The coming months will be very informative on this.” This World Cup, which would replace the European and Southern Hemisphere finals every four years, could take place over four weekends in June.

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