Interview: Karolina Marks, 21 years old and her first world title

When you get back on tour, have you implemented specific things into your routine or the way you work to keep that state of mind?

This year I worked with a different coach. I had Mike Parsons in the corner first years and now I work full time with Luke Egan. Mike is always very involved and present, but I have a different coach and it has been very interesting to see a different perspective. It’s not so much something I changed in my routine, it’s more unique to me, I had to go through some things to figure out what my priorities were. And I realized that what works for other people doesn’t always work for me. I’ve gained more confidence in myself, I’m 21 and there are things I’m still insecure about, I’m working on it but I think I’ve found this place where I can do what I want and be me because I i am only one That alone was great because it took me a while to get to this stage.

One of the things that stands out in your surfing is the strength of your backstroke. What have you worked on this year or in the past to keep it as an advantage?

I think that all the time spent in the water has helped me, although of course the land work also helps a lot. Watch videos and go on surf trips to surf different waves, change fins and play with it all to test how hard I can push the hardest on the steepest part of the wave, it allows you to push your surfing . To improve, you also have to fall a lot, push yourself beyond your limits, and then give yourself a few months to succeed at those turns. The advice from Luke Egan and Mike Parsons was also very helpful for my technique. All these little things have taken me far.

You were “Grom on tour” for a long time, with younger surfers joining the top tier this year. You finish with a world title as if to confirm that you are part of this new generation that is growing up and looking for progress in surfing. What do you want to see in this new generation in the coming years?

I think the new generation is on the right track, they are super tough. It’s crazy because she grew up with wave pools and all these tools that will speed up her progress. For my part, I didn’t have a wave pool in the early years, but now we have it all, and I think the development will be more and more pronounced. Above all, my desire is to be good sample a positive role model is important for the next generation. People remember how you make them feel, and you can be successful, but if you’re not a good person, no one cares. I think it’s important to be a positive influence, to perceive the world well, it goes a long way.

Have you used wave pools as a tool much?

We’ve had Kelly’s Pool in CT for the last few years and Waco is pretty fun. I think there will be a new one in Dubai, they are getting more and more, the one in Brazil looks great, I would love to ride it, so yes, it is definitely a good training tool. I tested a few but I would like to try more new ones so I can train more. It helps a lot, especially with the air, and it’s a part of my surfing that I want to improve.

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