Introducing blinx, a digital media hub that employs the next generation of young content creators and creative storytellers to bring quality storytelling and information to the youth of the Middle East.

Deliver the best stories, offering new perspectives and connecting Gen Y and Z across multiple screens, platforms and smart devices

Combating fake news, disinformation and disinformation with authentic and honest storytelling

Offers exclusive long-form content via the blinx Smart TV app, including surveys, talk shows and live broadcasts

Embody the motto: “More story, less noise”

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates–(BUSINESS WIRE)–blinxa new digital media hub in the Middle East launched today to expose the region’s youth to the best in digital storytelling and news reporting, give them new perspectives and connect millennials and Z across multiple screens, platforms and smart devices.

Authenticity motto: “More story, less noise”

Since 2023 March. since its launch was announced, blinx was considered a dynamic and quality media hub. With a mission to provide authentic and honest storytelling, the Center is committed to creating diverse, inclusive and culturally relevant content that deeply touches audiences.

Nakhle Elhage, CEO of blinxhighlights: “Since we launched our brand, we’ve made great strides. blinx is not just about creating engaging content. It is a digital media powerhouse that promotes storytelling across genres including entertainment, infotainment, news, trends, research, economics, lifestyle, sports, personal development, change. climate, , among others. Our smart TV app also offers exclusive long-form content such as surveys, talk shows and live streaming. »

Discover talents and unleash their potential

One of Blinx’s main commitments is to nurture and empower new talent. Blinx currently employs a bold and diverse team of nearly 150 young professionals from across the MENA region.

“Our content creators and creative storytellers aim to change perspectives,” he says Nakhle Elhage. They are not only talented and brave, but also embody the energy, dynamism and ingenuity of the young people who make up the DNA of Blinks. »

Technological wonders and unlimited innovation

In a relatively short time Blinx HQ Dubai Media City which has already doubled in size, has introduced many cutting-edge technologies. These innovations include state-of-the-art meta and augmented reality studios, production facilities with virtual reality capabilities, artificial intelligence tools and advanced data analytics, among others.

“Technology is helping to push audiences beyond traditional storytelling, pushing the boundaries of innovation, news, information and data, said Fadi Radi, creative director of blinx. A combination of entertainment and inspirational presentations, our programs are aimed at young tech enthusiasts. End users can easily navigate all applications while interacting with content creators and their peers. »

Before joining blinx, Fadi Radi led creative and disruptive coverage of major global events, including the US presidential election, for various major news networks in the US and the Middle East.

Encourage society at all levels

User experience is at the heart of Blinx’s mission. Whatever the interface: screens, platforms and devices, blinx does everything to meet the needs of generations Y and Z, wherever its representatives are. Game magic will gradually add an interactive and fun element to storytelling and involve end users in the creation of engaging content.

Nothing but the truth: Blinx’s commitment to authenticity

blinx undertakes to exclude fake news, misinformation and disinformation of any kind from its content. The center passionately champions key causes close to Generations Y and Z, strengthening the “creative economy” by promoting “entrepreneurship” and “private initiative” across the MENA region.

Blinx Pillars: Sustainability and Ethical Practice

The Blinx ecosystem is based on sustainability principles and ethical business practices. By collaborating with business partners and suppliers who share its philosophy, blinx ensures that every aspect of its operations is in line with its core values. In addition, blinx remains true to its commitment to the environment and community through strategic initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint and actively promote recycling.

Scaling: The future ahead

Blinx’s business model is based on strong principles of scalability. By prioritizing the development of local talent, the creation of culturally relevant content, and the integration of cutting-edge technology to drive innovation, blinx aims to continuously expand its product and service offering to reach a wider audience, expand its areas of interest, and increase your revenue streams.

Creating entrepreneurial opportunities for young Arabs: ASDA’A BCW study on Arab youth

Reference, 15e annual survey ASDA’A BCW on Arab youth, an in-depth study of more than 200 million young people in the MENA region, shows that there are significant opportunities to encourage young Arabs towards entrepreneurship. Almost half of these young people expect to start their own business within the next five years. However, there is no shortage of challenges. The MENA region has one of the highest youth unemployment rates in the world at over 26%. According to the World Bank, 32% of young people between the ages of 15 and 24 are unemployed. To address this, the United Nations estimates that 33.3 million new jobs will need to be created in the region by 2030.

The long awaited launch of blinx is here

Officially launched today, blinx will reinvent digital media in the MENA region with a young and dynamic approach that embodies the slogan: “More story, less noise. »



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