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Faced with the increase in the circulation of the virus, the Ministry of Health has decided to postpone the vaccination campaign against Covid-19 by two weeks to October 2. Initially, it was supposed to be carried out simultaneously with the flu, targeting the most vulnerable people as a priority, from October 17.

“We think the incidence has increased by about thirty percent since last week, it has to be taken very cautiously, but the virus is circulating, each of us can see cases around us.”explained the Minister of Health Aurélien Rousseau. “This is not to sound alarm, but because the epidemic is here, we highlight the vaccines that are effective in the most vulnerable people.”he explained, also insisting on continuing the necessary barrier gestures, such as washing hands and wearing a mask.

Although the World Health Organization (WHO) no longer considers Covid-19 a global health emergency since the beginning of May, the virus continues to circulate in all countries and new strains continue to emerge.

The new Covid-19 variant BA.2.86, closely monitored by the WHO, was first detected in France at the end of August. This member of the Omicron family has come under great scrutiny because a “Highest number of mutations”making it “it is likely to develop more substantially and spread more easily”According to the Committee on Health Risk Monitoring and Prediction (Covars).

The European Commission on September 15 approved Moderna’s vaccine, updated to target a highly prevalent sub-variant of Covid-19 as winter approaches, after already approving an updated version of Pfizer’s vaccine. -BioNTech.

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