Is the consumption of electric cars profitable?

Why should you trade your old gas car for one of these electric cars, especially in terms of consumption?

Not to mention the ecological bonuses and other help dedicated to the transition, the consumption of electric cars offers several advantages in contrast to gasoline cars. In terms of consumption, electric cars require much less energy to operate.

Unlike gasoline vehicles, which use up to 80% of the energy contained in the fuel, the best electric cars only lose about 11% of their energy. In addition, they can recover energy during braking. Enough to increase their overall effectiveness!

In the following, we will try to understand the main benefits that you can get from using an EV on a daily basis, apart from helping with the energy transition.

Electric cars with less impact on the environment

Application electric vehicles powered by renewable energy significantly reduces the overall energy demand. When we talk about renewable energy, we have to think about wind, solar or hydraulic energy. They will limit pollution and reduce energy demand.

This is because the energy loss in the process of burning fuel to create motion is reduced. So then, consumption of electric cars can be reduced by up to 77%. The only requirement is that they must be powered by renewable energy.

Better energy efficiency optimization

The efficiency of the electricity produced varies from country to country. This helps influence the potential energy savings associated with the use of electric vehicles. Let's take for example some American states like South Dakota, Idaho and Washington state. The latter mainly use renewable energy, which requires only 70% less energy to run an electric vehicle compared to a gasoline vehicle.

This study proved it replacing a gasoline vehicle with an electric vehicle are beneficial. In fact, it reduces the energy required for driving by about 47% in the United States. Enough to further increase the energy efficiency of electric cars! Meanwhile, it has a significant impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, which are the main cause of global warming. Reducing the energy consumption of electric cars is an attractive solution for the future of sustainable mobility.

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