it is no surprise that an agreement was reached to extend the Savings Guide deficit

A true journalistic chestnut, the US debt ceiling will be raised again with no real problems. A sketch that is both political and journalistic.

Tuesday, May 30, 2023, according to Denis Lapalus

America’s Debt: The Outline Seen and Checked…

Unsurprisingly, an agreement in principle was reached in the United States to avoid late payments. Despite everything, the media is trying to maintain a true/false tension, saying that this deal must actually be voted on by Congress.

As expected, Joe Biden and Kevin McCarthy, the Republican speaker of the House of Representatives, agreed this weekend to raise the debt ceiling and allocate federal spending. Compromises on the part of the main negotiators, who are not united in their camp.

Raising the debt ceiling and federal spending allocations: They will be flat in 2024 before a small 1% increase in 2025. Dramatic consequences for both the economy and finances, but they could happen in seven days if Congress doesn’t vote on the text this week. According to new calculations by the Treasury Department, the US government will run out of money not on June 1, but on June 5.

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