Jancovici addresses Clement Bown’s statement

“VSin the morning the ban on airlines when the alternative is less than 2:30 by train becomes a reality,” Clement Bown wrote on his Twitter account on Tuesday, May 23. The Transport Minister was actually celebrating Publication of the Decree on the Implementation of the Law on Climate and Resiliencevoted in 2021. Actual flights from Paris-Orly to Nantes, Lyon and Bordeaux, which are subject to the ban, have not operated since the summer of 2020.. But above all, recalled Jean-Marc Jancovici instead RTLthis measure has minimal impact.

Air transport is responsible for 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions, “that is, about as much as the world’s truck fleet and two-thirds of the world’s car fleet,” reminds the scientist. “Unfortunately, looking at the decision that has just been made, we can say, if we are very upset, that it is a charade, if we are a little more polite, that we would have been better off doing nothing. »

2% of domestic flights are affected

“Because domestic flights are shorter, they will use less fuel,” explains Jean-Marc Jankovicci, while “domestic flights the most important destinations are not affected by this measure at all “. Thus, the ban would apply to only 2% of French domestic flights. And the expert concludes that “the minister of transport has lost a good opportunity to remain silent. »

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