Japanese entertainment giant Toho joins web3 with Ternoa

Ternoa and Toho, Blockchain in the Service of Art – Tōhō is definitely one of Japan's top 3 audiovisual production studios, behind the likes of Godzilla and all its spin-offs. He just chose Ternoa as a partner issuing a new license. The Japanese studio also intends to use blockchain technology to protect its intellectual property and remove Kaiju from its bootstraps.

Le Journal du Coin offers this promotional article in collaboration with Ternoa.

Blockchain and cinema are an obvious choice for Toho and Ternoa

It may seem strange, but the choice of a French actor is part of a strong cultural and economic connection. In fact, France is the second largest country in the world (after Japan itself) user of manga, anime, and Japanese video games. So much so that in 2022, a quarter of the books sold in France were manga.

Therefore, it was logical for Tōhō to seek a French ally who could offer the technology to ensure support for new licenses for example, protection of those already operating.

Because the development of artificial intelligence makes animation studios afraid that some of their works will be distorted. Harmful consequences that the use of blockchain-based technology could help prevent. Indeed, a decentralized registry allows for transparent authentication and verification of works on the Internet, so that neither the public nor the rights holders are harmed.

Based on Ternoa and its active community of over 200,000 members and a strong ecosystem of more than 50 active projects, Tōhō forms a meaningful partnership.

To make matters worse, Ternoa is about to become Ethereum's layer 2. A new step that will significantly increase the visibility of this beautiful project.

Ternoa offers an extremely robust and efficient layer 1 infrastructure
Ternoa is an ecosystem whose development is based on use cases

Ternoa, evolution is happening

The French company offers easy-to-access solutions that allow brands or content creators to do just thatjust use blockchain features in their product. First in the form of javascript SDK and smart contracts recently.

In fact, this French gem is completely under development, with new products coming out all the time. January 29 the team announced the deployment smart contracts on its main network. In doing so, it opens the door to DeFi, making it available on its own network. An important and consistent step in installation Ternoa as a second layer solution (L2) Ethereum, which also offers several interests. For example EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatibility. Or even access to the largest ecosystem of DeFi developers to define new use cases.

However, blockchain can also be used to protect certain sectors from the excesses of the digital world and the rise of artificial intelligence. This is where Tōhō appears.

Tōhō, the legendary studio, invites Ternoa

This name might not appeal to everyone unless you are an avid anime fan. Still, this society marked many childhoods Western countries on the now legendary shows!

Toho has many licenses that we know well here in FranceToho has many licenses that we know well here in France
One of these anime probably means something to you

In conclusion, Tōhō is a veritable audiovisual empire within the Japanese empire. The second largest film production studio in Japan, the company is intrinsically linked to Japanese culture. in 1932 created by a former director of traditional Japanese theaters, the studio quickly wanted to develop internationally. Which he did very well.

Tōhō had strong licenses known around the world. These were also recognized as major works in France. Despite a certain mistrust of political and media power, which was quickly swept away by public enthusiasm.

Blockchain and manga, the same fight?

In this sense, cryptocurrencies and Japanese animation (as well as video games) are sectors that initially had to face some disdain, so we can only hope that digital assets will become development similar to Japanese creations in our territory.

However, the French public loves innovation and quickly realized the cultural interest of manga Mainnet Ternoa, the Promised Land of NFT Technology – Journal du Coin Remember that Dragon Ball Z will become a cult in our country long before its broadcast becomes of interest to the American public (and this is just one example among others).

Tōhō also distributed films Akira Kurosawaa world-renowned master of Japanese cinema, as well as other films from a small independent studio that you may know: Ghibli. However, the known brand license definitely remains Godzillaa true cultural phenomenon worldwide.

Toho Studios is an institution in JapanToho Studios is an institution in Japan
Toho Studios honors its legendary licenses

An ambitious new license

Tōhō is recognized for creating entertainment, but does not hesitate to accompany works in which mature or difficult topics. So the recent release of “Your Name” has already evoked subtle themes, the feeling of never being in your place, the race for happiness you may never find, or the fear of missing the chance of a lifetime.

The studio's next license, Mofu Mofu Music Caravan (MMMC), will tell the story of members of a music group trying to make a living from their passion dystopian society where it is forbidden to write music. Here again, it's easy draw a parallel with web3 and our ecosystem's desire for freedom which faces ever-increasing regulation and the desire for regulation.

Therefore, this new license will give Toho the opportunity to inject a real web3 dimension into the contemplation of our society and our freedoms, privileged subjects of its achievements. Mofu Mofu Music Caravan is for pushing the boundaries of entertainment combining strong characters, music and technology. By joining forces, both companies will be able to use NFT, blockchain and web3 to protect the intellectual property of the licenses held by Tōhō. But above all, they intend to offer viewers unprecedented storytelling power through blockchain. And this disturbing and exciting story is being written before our eyes today.

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