Jio will be one of the first in the world to develop 6G capabilities, says Mukesh Ambani; that’s what it means

Mukesh Ambani, chairman of the company, made an important announcement at the 46th annual general meeting of Reliance Industries on Monday. He shared that Jio Platforms is poised to lead the world in advancing 6G capabilities. Ambani said at the AGM that Jio will be the first company in the world to build a next-generation network.

Ambani highlighted the transformation of Jio Platforms from its origins as a telecom operator to its current status as a technology company. He explained that this transformation transcends national boundaries as Jio Platforms aims to export and expand its innovative Made-in-India technology suite to international markets.

Ambani revealed that Jio’s 5G development is based on an in-house 5G network that incorporates cutting-edge technologies such as autonomous 5G architecture, carrier aggregation, network slicing and sophisticated artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) capabilities. This case is designed to seamlessly integrate with 4G and 5G equipment from a variety of global vendors.

Jio has partnered with prominent companies like Nokia, Ericsson and Samsung to roll out 5G networks across India. Ambani shared that “Jio’s 5G radio portfolio includes solutions ranging from compact units to large tower radios for various outdoor and indoor use scenarios.”

Ambani also celebrated the rapid progress of Jio’s 5G rollout. In just nine months since its launch in October, Jio 5G has expanded its coverage to more than 96 percent of the country’s census towns. The company aims to achieve full coverage across the country by December, which will be one of the fastest large-scale 5G deployments in the world. While it had earlier promised competitive pricing for Jio 5G plans, no specific updates on this aspect were given during the AGM.

Ambani also revealed Jio’s plans to develop new AI systems similar to ChatGPT for Indian users. He stated, “Jio is committed to bringing artificial intelligence to every corner and every person. And we will.”

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What is 6G?

6G stands for sixth-generation wireless technology for cellular networks, replacing 5G, which is currently in development. Although 6G is still in the concept stage and not fully defined, it is expected to build on the capabilities of 5G and introduce even more advanced features and functions.

Some of the possible key features and goals of 6G include:

1. Higher data rates: 6G aims to deliver significantly higher data rates compared to 5G, possibly reaching terabits per second. This would allow for faster downloads, streaming and data intensive applications.

2. Ultra-low latency: 6G is expected to achieve ultra-low latency, reducing communication delays to a few microseconds. This is critical for applications that require real-time interaction, such as remote surgery, autonomous vehicles, and augmented reality.

3. Massive device connectivity: 6G aims to support a large number of connected devices, further advancing the Internet of Things (IoT) and enabling seamless communication between a large number of smart devices.

4. Expanded spectrum utilization: 6G will likely use a combination of higher frequency bands, including terahertz (THz) frequencies, to provide higher bandwidth and faster data transfer.

5. Power efficiency: 6G is expected to focus on power efficiency to support sustainable network operations and extend device battery life.

6. Integration of AI. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are expected to play an important role in 6G networks, optimizing network management, resource allocation and user experience.

7. Holographic communications: 6G could introduce advanced communication technologies such as holographic communications that provide immersive and realistic interaction experiences.

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