Jordi Fernandez (Canada coach): “France will recover from this match”

Jordi Fernandez, the coach of the Canadian national team, the winner of the French national team on Friday in his first game of the World Cup (95-65) “It’s always good to be rewarded for such hard work. Players deserve recognition when everyone says how good you are, how hard you work and how you show it. My job is to prepare for the next match. I knew all kinds of competitions, FIBA, NBA, playoffs. The most important match is the next one. If we think otherwise, we are wrong. We didn’t win anything. In the next game, we will play our lives. All games are finals. If you ask me my opinion, I prefer to play in the best teams because it will tell us where we are and how much we can learn.

“This Gilgeous-Alexander? You have a guy in front of you who will be the MVP of the World Cup. What he did, he will do again, again and again. »

We can conquer everything. I think that France will recover after this game. It’s just one game for us and them. Regardless of the type, it’s just a win. We had some difficulties in this meeting. We are here to show our identity, what we have built. And it’s not just this summer. Our goal is not just to qualify for Games or World Cup gold, but to show how good we can be over the next ten years.

It was good to see Shai Gilgeous-Alexander perform. I had a pretty good seat so I made the most of it! At the beginning of the match, he made good shots, it did not come, he insisted. Most impressive is having the best rebounding, but also having six assists for one turnover. In front of you is a guy who will be the MVP of the World Cup. What he did, he will do again, and again, and again. »

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Canada’s leader (27 points, 13 rebounds, 6 assists) “We have been adapting to the FIBA ​​game for a month now, so everything is getting better and better. I thought we could win the title before this game, I still do. We have a team of hungry guys. We will continue to improve, watch the video. No one is perfect, new teams, new challenges await us. The staff will help guide us. »

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