Kirkorov’s daughter angered the Network with a trick: “What will come out of it?” (video) – Global showbiz news

The singer took his 10-year-old daughter to the set of the New Year’s show and was outraged by Alla-Victoria’s behavior.

Philip Kirkorov’s daughter shocked by her thing / Photo:

All the stars of show business from the last days of 2021 are busy filming New Year’s projects and concerts. So is Philip Kirkorov – he’s on several shows at once, which viewers will watch on December 31.

In one of the shows, Bedrosovich, who recently did not perform on a phonogram at a party, will appear with his daughter Alla-Victoria – she is increasingly visible next to her star father. It seems that Kirkorov is preparing the girl for a stellar life.

V Instagram Philip posted a short video in which, after the director’s words “Watch out, the star is on set”, they take the stage with Alla. The girl pushes her father away slightly and comes forward, to which Kirkorov lifts his hands indignantly.

The family should have one star and the second – me! – the singer signed the message.

Many Philip Kirkorov fans wrote in the comments that his daughter would definitely become a new star in Russian show business, but some of the artist’s followers were skeptical of Alla’s behavior, while others compared Philip to Maxim. Galkin:

  • “Look at this girl in ten years. I wonder what will become of her? “
  • “A charming little princess!” With a kind and sincere smile!
  • “I wonder what a ‘star’ she is? … Such a standing ovation, and how did she deserve it?”
  • “Galkin and Kirkorov heaven and earth, Galkin has videos on how he treats children, but here everything is just for the show!” “
  • “My daughter went to her father’s house. You are so cute.”
  • “It’s too early for the stars …”
  • “You have to work with a girl to develop her abilities, the name Kirkorov itself does not guarantee anything.”

We will remind that previously the expert on faces spoke about the mother of children of Philip Kirkorov.

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