Koo celebrates Mother’s Day, launching the #MummyYaar campaign

Welcoming the unconditional love, affection and resilience of moms, the new Koo campaign on Mother’s Day encourages users to express their gratitude through #MummyYaar. The campaign reflects the dedication and determination of mothers as they enthusiastically use the ever-evolving social media medium, express themselves in the language of their choice and interact with like-minded consumers in this digital age. It presents mothers as a strong force that strives to achieve what is unimaginable while improving the lives of their children and those around them.

In addition to the nostalgic video, Koo also announced an engaging contest inviting consumers to share the quirks of their moms ’travel on social media, which made them shout“ mamyte, yaar ”. Users have already creatively experienced their #MummyYaar moments with memos, videos and clips. Popular celebrities and influencers have also enthusiastically participated in this unique campaign, showcasing their #MummyYaar moments that Koo users enjoy. This competition, which will run until 2022. on May 9, the winners will be awarded with interesting goodies.

A spokesman for Koo said: “Mother’s Day is dedicated to expressing great love and gratitude to our dear mothers. We believe that social media has never been more user-friendly, and a secure and primarily user-friendly platform like Koo allows them to express their thoughts and opinions freely in a language and topic of their choice. We set out to greet the spirit of motherhood through #MummyYaar, which celebrates the innocence, love, resilience and warmth of millions of mothers. Through this campaign, we sincerely thank all moms who are constantly learning new things, actively using social media, supporting new causes, and inspiring others to use technology for the benefit of society. I wish all mothers and expectant mothers with Mother’s Day.

About Koo

The Koo App was launched in 2020. March. as a multilingual microblogging platform that allows Indians to express themselves online in their native language. Koo was an innovator in linguistic microblogs. Koo App is currently available in 10 languages ​​- Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Canadian, Tamil, Telugu, Assamese, Bengali and English. Koo democratizes the Indian voice, enabling them to share ideas and express themselves freely in their chosen language. In addition to innovative features, the platform’s translation feature allows real-time translation of the recording into many Indian languages ​​while maintaining the feel and context of the original text. This increases accessibility and increases user grip. The Koo App has been downloaded more than 30 million times and is actively used by more than 7,000 prominent politicians, sports, media, entertainment, spirituality, arts and culture people to connect with their followers in multiple languages.

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