Koyeb raises $7 million to bring the solution worldwide

Koyeb provides a serverless platform since 2022, French for “serverless computing”. In other words, the startup offers a solution that allows customers to simplify the deployment and maintenance of applications and databases in operational conditions anywhere in the world without managing complex infrastructures. Koyeb announced today that it has raised $7 million in seed funding. The round table was chaired Serenafeaturing ISAI, Samsung Next and MongoDB as well as business angels.

The startup completed a $1.6 million pre-seed round in 2020. At the time, it was designed for data processing between clouds, and has since turned to application deployment. Today, according to Oreilly, 90% of organizations use cloud infrastructures, but traditional cloud solutions require advanced mastery of various infrastructure technologies and the involvement of dedicated teams. In practice according to Flexera75% of organizations lack knowledge about cloud computing topics.

Thanks to the serverless platform, Koyeb allows its customers to benefit from the benefits of the cloud without managing the infrastructure. Its turnkey platform is based on a unique software technology supported by high-performance servers that allow the application to be deployed worldwide in just minutes.

Koyeb envisions an alternative future to that offered by mainstream cloud providers

Unlike traditional cloud solutions such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure, deployment does not require multiple configuration steps. Koyeb operates completely independently of these service providers using dedicated servers. “It gives us more control over the value chain, better performance and more functionality”comments Yann Léger, CEO and co-founder of Koyeb. “Traditional cloud computing players are leveraging their dominance and not pushing their boundaries. Because we control the infrastructure we provide, we can deliver next-generation hardware at competitive prices.he adds.

Koyeb currently has six core points of presence around the world that represent the servers where the code is executed, and more than 255 edge points of presence that act as relays. Today, the main points of presence are located in North America, Europe and Asia. “With the fundraising, we plan to triple these points of presence to provide an optimized service from all regions of the world”says Jan Ležer.

With this funding, the startup also plans to expand its offering by integrating advanced serverless features such as dedicated graphics processors (GPUs) for artificial intelligence. With these new developments, Koyeb, which already has more than 50,000 developers and teams on its platform, aims to triple its user base in the short term.

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