La Casa de Papel, Chicken Run, Netflix to launch new video games based on their successes

Netflix continues to delight its video game-loving subscribers. During Geeked Week 2023, which ended on Sunday, November 12, the streaming platform announced new game projects inspired by its series.

The first game based on the fantasy series Shadow and Bone is now available on mobile. Shadow and Bone: Shadow of Fold takes place between the first and second seasons. It immerses the player in the investigation, allowing them to discover new stories and meet the characters of the series by answering multiple-choice questions.

Another series that inspired designers is La Casa de Papel. In The Money Heist Game, Netflix subscribers will recognize the features of the actors who play the characters of the cult series, such as Rio, Berlin or even The Professor. The goal of the game? Perform the heist of the La Perla Museum in Barcelona. Again, the mobile game is an interactive game where every choice will affect the course of the story. The game’s release is set to coincide with Berlin, a spin-off of the Spanish series slated for release on Netflix in 2023. December 29

The American giant also tackled the Chicken Run saga with Chicken Run: Eggstraction. The game picks up where Chicken Run: The Nugget Menace leaves off. The animated film will be available on Netflix in 2023. December 15 The game should be released in 2024. iOS and Android, first in single player mode, then a multiplayer version.

Players will have to complete several missions and challenges to save the chickens. Netflix mini his press release “a top-down real-time heist game that combines squad infiltration with chaotic, high-intensity escapes.”

Netflix will also present The Dragon Prince: Xadia, a game based on The Dragon Prince animated series. Players will immerse themselves in the world of Xadia, will be able to meet the heroes of the series and complete several missions, fighting alongside the greatest champions against the prince’s enemies.

Scheduled for 2024, the game will be available first on mobile, but also on PC. in 2018 Netflix’s Dragon Prince is about to launch its sixth season.

Netflix came to the gaming world in 2021. in November. In two years, its catalog includes more than 80 mobile games, which can be accessed for free by all subscribers of the platform. In order to attract players, the streaming giant has been trying to bring its biggest hits, such as Stranger Things: 1984, Stranger Things 3 The Game, Narcos: Cartel Wars Unlimited, to the screen. ” or “The Queen’s Gambit: The Gambit”. And for good reason, according to a study, young people prefer video games to movies.

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