Laurent Marti (UBB President): “Keep making the same effort” to help the French team

“Clubs have made a lot of efforts in recent years to help the French team. Should we continue on the same path?
Yes, I want to tell you that it must continue like this. We must be aware that for clubs that have international players, it is a real effort at a sporting level, as well as a significant financial effort. This could be summed up by the fact that the French national team and its players are financed by the league, not the federation.

It would be normal for me if it continued like this from the moment when, in terms of sports, we have the feeling that it is working seriously, professionally, and I think it has been, but also from the moment when the federation is in financial difficulties. I don’t see why clubs would pay if the federation was in good financial health. The federation is doing badly, so far the clubs are participating. It doesn’t feel good, but maybe you have to.

“We need even more transparency, but I think the new management will be open to that”

However, are adjustments necessary?
Personally, I think we should make sure that the federation manages its own affairs well. As long as you work well efficiently and seriously, it is okay to help you. On the other hand, if money is wasted, the clubs have no reason to pay. That’s the only point I’ll negotiate when I put my cards on the table. We must have the right to see how we optimize the available resources from a sporting point of view and how we manage the financial side. There needs to be more transparency, but I think the new management will be open to that.

And in terms of providing international services, you would keep the same system?
Yes, because it must be admitted that internationals are very often made available in other nations. We must continue to make the same effort. Is there sometimes abuse against the group of 42? I do not know. France must win the World Cup. She could win it this year. She has a very good generation that is not so old. We must continue our efforts. We will not interfere in the sports part of France XV, but we have to feel that it is very professional. »

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