LIVE – France women’s team: Griedge Mbock back in the list after a year’s absence

“Thanks for the small penalties (laughs). It was a great success, considering what this group achieved. 52 days with the staff in a very appreciative and fantastic atmosphere. We planned to eliminate Australia. I’ll let you in on a secret: in my first speech in Clarefontaine, I talked about penalties, but had dreamed of a more favorable result. We deserved what we got, when we concede five penalties, the fault lies with us. , of course we were not efficient enough in this session. There is a lot to say, the girls and the staff did an outstanding job. I rarely saw the staff working like that, congratulations to them, but I didn’t know how to reward them fairly. I take responsibility for this exclusion. I’m disappointed for them, but we have to use this great World Cup to move forward. Finally, I think the French national teams the image was perfect. In terms of the public, the audience and the following, we have gained something. It must be maintained, nurtured and improved. Next year we will be in our territory at the Olympics. It is up to us to make women’s football better known.”

Georgie Collins

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