Live longer in good health: “Our national drama is sugar”

Dr. Christoph de Jaeger, author of Longevity Medicine: A Revolution, gives us tips on how to take care of ourselves and hopefully live longer in good health.

112 years is an age the current dean of French, Marie Rose Tessier, who lives in Les Sables-d’Olonne. How can we hope to live a long and healthy life? Doctor Christoph de Jaeger gives us everyday advice on how to take care of yourself and maximize your health without the use of medication.

How can we be healthy old people, as old as our brains but not our arteries? How to avoid feeling tired? What are the best ways to fight aging? Can we ever hope to be centenarians and still run a marathon? What role does nutrition play in our longevity?

Doctor Christoph de Jaeger is a guest on Hello Doctor. He is the author of the book Longevity medicine, a revolution published by Editions Guy Trédaniel.

Today’s health news

Journalist Anne Orenstein looks back at today’s health news to remember:

Solidarity Order

Wednesday will start International Wheelchair Rugby Cup. The program will see France and eight other countries compete over five days of competition. Jacques Rivoal is the president of the organizing committee for these two Rugby World Cups.

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