Major automotive OEMs focus on software and advanced sensors

As it showsIAA mobility in 2023at the German Auto Show.

Bosch, which develops software, chips and computers (more than 250 million computers are produced annually), predicts a turnover of 3 billion euros in 2026 for computers dedicated to driver assistance and infotainment alone. The equipment maker has a positive overall balance sheet despite a still volatile and challenging environment, and is aiming for a 10% increase in automotive sales this year.

Reorganization awaits Bosch

In order to stay at the forefront of this progress, from 2024 Bosch January 1 plans to reorganize the Mobility division. This reorganization aims to strengthen the cooperation of employees responsible for different systems. Bosch already employs 38,000 software developers for its mobility operations. The goal is to create a new centralized computer and electronic architecture that paves the way for the development of new vehicles that can be remotely upgraded by integrating new features.

Growing electromobility

Electromobility is also a key area of ​​development. The company aims for 2026 to reach a turnover of 6 billion euros. in 2022 Bosch has increased production of components for electric cars by approximately 50%. In 2023, the production of electric motors will double. Bosch software also plays a vital role in this sector, facilitating connected energy management and temperature regulation, reducing battery charging time by up to 20%.

Focus on image and video processing at Bosch.

When it comes to advanced driving aids, Bosch relies on video and image processing. Its portfolio now includes image perception software offered as a stand-alone product. Although working on Lidar for three years, the equipment manufacturer eventually abandoned the project, which was too expensive. However, it continues to use radar and ultrasonic sensors for its development.

Valeo has partnered with Mobileye

Valeo also uses the show and announces its collaboration with mobileye to develop software-supported high-resolution radars that are a key element of hands-free detection systems for automated driving. Mobileye technology ensures accurate object detection. This new type of radar provides a detailed four-dimensional view of the environment up to 300 meters and beyond. It provides more accurate detection of pedestrians, vehicles or obstacles than other sensors, even on crowded city streets. This collaboration marks a new stage in the relationship between Mobileye and Valeo in the field of front camera systems and other driver assistance solutions. Since 2015 partners have shipped more than 15 million smart front cameras worldwide.

Software is at the heart of Valeo’s strategy

The software also becomes a strategic axis for the French group that announces its creationANSWER, a new offering of software solutions and services. Valeo has been providing integrated software solutions for more than 30 years. More than 40% of the 20,000 engineers are dedicated to software and systems. As Valeo notes, this offering is flexible, scalable and modular based on applications, middleware and services.

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