Making better business decisions with the ICTSI application

In the fast-paced world of supply chain and logistics, International Container Terminal Services, Inc. can (ICTSI) helps port users and businesses gain a competitive edge by providing real-time cargo transparency through the ICTSI application.

The ICTSI application is a secure operational tool that allows port users and cargo owners to monitor the status of their shipments that are loaded and unloaded from a vessel and those that are towed to or from the port. Launched in 2022, the app allows users to track their cargo at Manila International Container Terminal and NorthPort – both in the Port of Manila, Subic Bay International Terminals in Zambales, Laguna Gateway Inland Container Terminal in Calamba and Mindanao Container Terminal in Cagayan de Oro.

The ICTSI application currently has almost 29,000 users and will soon be available to customers of Adriatic Gate Container Terminal in Croatia, South Pacific International Container Terminal and Motukea International Terminal in Papua New Guinea, Onne Multipurpose Terminal in Nigeria and Matadi Gateway Terminal in DR. Congo.

“We understand the challenge companies face when it comes to managing their shipments efficiently. Our answer is to develop an application that provides our customers with real-time data that could help them improve their logistics planning. By being able to track their shipments, our customers can gain data-driven insights to streamline their operations and lower logistics costs,” explained Christian R. Gonzalez, Executive Vice President of ICTSI.

The ICTSI application has three main functions that promote visibility and transparency – vessel tracking, container tracking and truck tracking.

The vessel tracking feature allows users to track the container vessel carrying their cargo and receive updates on its expected arrival and departure from the port. It also provides insight into advance advice, loading and payment limits – information that would help companies coordinate their logistics activities accordingly and avoid potential delays.

Manila International Container Terminal at the Port of Manila

Container tracking informs users of the real-time status of their containers from the moment they arrive at the port until they leave. This helps cargo owners manage their shipments more efficiently and ensure they reach their final destinations as planned.

With truck tracking, companies that rely on road transportation can track their trucks from the moment they enter until they leave the terminal. This information can be used to improve fleet management and streamline ground operations.

Each of these features allows the user to create checklists to track multiple vessels, trucks and containers and subscribe to status updates to receive push notifications of important logistics milestones as they occur. The app allows users to easily share these updates, along with other information, with other stakeholders via email and other messaging apps on their phones for convenience.

“This app is a game changer for port users and businesses who can leverage transparency features to improve decision making and improve customer service. We are working to add new features and expand the coverage of the application to include other terminals in the ICTSI group,” added Mr. Gonzalez.

The ICTSI app is available for iOS and Android devices. Users can also access the web application from a computer.

ICTSI continuously adds value to its services by investing in new technologies and developing digital solutions. Over the past decade, the company has invested more than US$20 million in information technology for its flagship international container terminal in Manila alone. These investments have paid off during the pandemic, with terminal operations running 24/7 despite disruptions to the global supply chain.

ICTSI currently operates 32 terminals in 19 countries and was recently appointed as the preferred operator for the Durban Container Terminal Pier 2 in South Africa’s largest seaport.
Source: ICTSI

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